Where Shadows Fall

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Deceiving you with Lies...

It was still... we looked closer and realized that the eyes were not on us... and the creature seemed terrified of what was behind us. A soft red glow appeared like cracks across the ground and we al started to group together. “Guys..?” I asked as they backed more closely to me. “You got an idea what this is idiot?!” My friend Calla said, angrily lashing out at me for suggesting that we had camped out here. I replied to her with a slight smile, “Yes... it’s him...” Rosco suddenly exploded at us all while grabbing my shirt, “We choose to follow this dimwit out here to camp and the second something bad happened he guesses that it’s-” He paused one disbelief as a monster erupted out in front of us “-Lucifer....” The creature laughed at us mightily and said but one thing: “Suprise!”

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