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Horror / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Novas P.O.V

I pressed my glove coverd palms against the medal door pushing it open. When it didn't budge i grunted and kicked the door open like it was nothing. A blond haird girl screamed while a guy with navy blue hair just gasped in shock. "Who are you where are we?" the blonde asked "sorry I'm just a little freaked out let's restart I'm kaede the ultimate pianist". She took my hand and shook it 'is this real or is this my visions tricking me again?' "Hello my name is Shuichi,Siahara the ultimate detective" he studderd. I nodded "may i check something real quick?" its the only way to see if this is a vision. I stepped closer to them,placing my hand on one of there cheeks and closed my eyes. 'There warm there humans' i sighed in relief. They gave me questioning looks "i apologize i am madame Nova, Arakne ultimate exorsist i speak to and for deceased people". They went silent after that i wouldn't blame them for my love of spirits being..odd. Kaede decided we should try and look for other people so me and shuichi followed behind kaede. "Ok i hear people close by in the gym come on!" she called out starting to run making me and shuichi groan. I opened the door to find 15 other students in school uniforms.

(Time skip)

Monokuma left with his cubs after his announcement about a killing game that was taking place. He also explained that if no one kills by tomorrow noon we'll all be executed. Everyone gatherd together and planned to find a way out before the timer did. During all of it i heard whispers of little children,i chose to ignore it but they just got louder and louder. I turned around to find a little girl standing ways away in a hospital uniform "don't trust them,don't trust it" the girl warned. I walked twords the girl ,silence following behind as i nealed down to the girls level "what's your name?" i asked kindly. She looked up at me with her while foggy eyes and small smile "my names madicin I've been alone for years and ive been looking for a friend so will you be my friend?". I held my hand up to her face 'shes stone cold that means...oh' i looked down at her in pity. "Oh course madicin but what do you mean don't trust-" "I'll see you later it's coming it'll hurt me if i don't bye" she said then ran off disappearing in the distance. 'What does she mean don't trust it?' I turned back to the group while getting up. "sorry about that i uhh-" "was that a dead person?" Kaede asked pointing to where i was previously standing. "Well they aren't "dead people" there spirits that are trapped here not being able to go to the afterlife,i just befriended one but she had to leave because "it" will hurt her if she didn't" i explained. They looked at me shoked and some normal but one looked mad "i don't believe in ghosts there not real!" A guy by the name kaito accused. I wanted to slap him but we all just met so that wasn't an option "you know most people say that to hide there fears but it's fine theres a line between positive energy and negative and she was positive". He looked dumbfounded by my statement that made me feel good "oh and exorcists don't lie about what they see" i said walking out of the gym doors. 'Monokuma said something about labs and rooms maybe i should go to my room first' . my room was big with a couch,coffee table and a queen bed with a pear of clothes on it waiting for me. A black dress with high heel dr. Martins and a ouiji board jacket,a cross neklace with a black headband. I took the clothes and changed in the bathroom,they were my perfect size and looked nice. Now,on my way to the lab rantaro walked by but stopped "hey i didn't catch your name and i have a question". I turned around now facing him "oh, its madame Nova and what is your question rantaro?" i asked. He rubbed his arm anxiously "can i speak to the girl? i want to learn" he said scratching the back of his head. I nodded, and so we walked together to my lab 'why does he want to learn? does he believe me? or is he just wanting to know what madicin said'. We arrived at my lab and entered,inside was an amazing sight. A lit fireplace with two small couches facing eachother with a coffee table inbetween. Multiple crosses surrounding the room, a table with an ouiji board on it. Candles decorated the table and the walls, a big mirror behind one side of the table but one thing was off. A chair in the back with latches for the victims wrists and shins "whoa it's nice in here whats your talent?" rantaro complemented. I sat at the table infront of the ouiji board calling him over "I'm the ultimate exorsist i deal with spirits" his mouth formed an 'o' shape as he sat down. "Now if anything happens don't remove your hands" i said sternly. He nodded placing his finger tips on the edge of the planchette and did i. I instrusted him to close his eyes as i did the same,i sighed "if there are any spirits in this room please give us a sighn" i asked. I could sence someone else was here besides rantaro and i. My eyes opened to see madicin sitting across from us,i nudged rantaro to open his eyes. When he did nothing was there at least in his eyes "ask a question" i whisperd. "Umm, if the little girl in this room then hello" he sounded nervous. I spotted madicine brung the planchette to the 'H' then the 'I', rantaro started freaking out about it just like my first time. He swolled and continued "can i see you or is it only for the gifted?" I looked at madicin and smiled. "Tell him to use the planchettes eye" she said. "You can just look through the glass eye of the planchette". He slowly picked up the eye and looked through it gasping. "i see you this is amazing!" i chuckled. Rantaro looked at me throught the eye and froze "rantaro are you ok?" I asked. He placed the eye back down "I'm fine its nothing" he sighed."Anyway thank you madicin but we have to go for the time being and please call me arakne and he's rantaro" i bowed and brought the planchette to the goodbye spot. "Everyone is probably waiting for us let's go" rantaro insisted. We walked down the corridors in silence untill he broke it "can i call you lady arakne?" he asked. I laughed 'thats a new nickname to add' "yea you may i don't even care if you say it around people and..." i stopped in my tracks. "Promise if anything happens to you or me we tell eachother and promise to stand by eachother through thick and thin?" he hooked his pinky with mine." I ramtaro amami promise to promise that promise for lady arakne" he chuckled. We reached the dining hall,hearing all the chatter made me kinda anxious since I'm an introvert and i didn't have any friends during my childhood. Rantaro put his hand on my shoulder for encouragement that i thanked him for before entering. I crossed my hands and rested them infront of me "apologies for our disappearance everyone" i said taking a seat inbetween rantaro and kaede. "So what did you guys do you've been gone for a couple oh hours?" she asked. Rantaro over heard the conversation and budded in "oh! me and lady arakne went to speak to madicin you know the spirit kaito said wasn't real". Kaede nodded "wow that sounds fun "i glanced around the table hopefully no one heard but they did. "It's true rantaro ghosts aren't real and there is no way to pro-" "a sayons I'll prove it for you to believe me let's get started". I cleared the plates and turned off the lights,as well as lighing candles on the table "ok everyone join hands". "N-no" kaito said crossing his arms "nihihi come on unless your scared~" kokichi chuckled. "Enough join hands and if you aren't willing to see close your eyes" i said. It went quiet that was my que "madicin prove to them your real use my body as a voice" i said. Kaede,shuichi,keebo and miu glanced around worryingly that somethings going to happen like in one of those horror movies. Then it hit me coldness,sadness and dispear chilling to the bone.

Madicin is here

I rested my body and let her take control,tears started rolling down my face,eyes turning foggy white. With a childish voice she spoke "hi I'm madicin" "hello madicin it's nice to see you again we have a few questions" rantaro asked. 'Hes so sweet' i thought. Everyone had shocked and scared faces especially kaito "how did you pass away sweety?" Kaede asked. More tears blinded her vision "w-well one day i felt sick so my mom and dad drove me to the docters,they said i had cancer so i stayed in the hospital after a month i went home thats when daddy poisioned me" she clutched my stomach in example. She gasped in horror "it's after me i have to leave" it almost sounded like a whisper as she said that. My consciousness came back to me,no more cold,no more sadness. My breathing turned heavy "now excuse me i should go i saw to much in one day". Rantaro got up and walked me out while the other students couldn't comprehend what happened. "Thanks for believeing me usually people think it's an act but from the things i see it's not pretend" i chuckled before walking into my room,gave a quick prayer and fell asleep.

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