Darkness Within the Light

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This is the story of Alexandra Swan I inform you this is a fictional story and yes the character is based on me my life wasn't and isn't this ruff but her design is based on me. She is a 14-year-old who loves creepypasta and is inspired by the Jeff the killer story (she really likes the story so do i) her father is an alcoholic and her mother a stay at home mom. Learn how Alexandra goes mad and what her life was like throughout the story.

Horror / Thriller
Age Rating:

You know that feeling that you just I don’t know feel lost. The feeling of being empty and having nothing in mind. I don’t know when I began to feel this but I believe it was around... Alexandra stopped writing in her journal when she heard her mother calling from the kitchen. She put down her blue and pink journal carefully hiding the key and got up her long brown hair falling behind her as she rose. Before leaving Alexandra grabbed her brown and blue denim jacket and put it on over her black tank top heading to the kitchen. “Sit. Its fresh might be the only homemade thing we have for a while I’m out of the job for a while” Katherine sighed making her husband a plate. Richard sat there waiting watching the old television, wrestling was on and he watched closely and grabbed his fork when Katherine sat the plate down and stabbed her hand. “I will get it when I’m ready!” he snapped pulling the fork out of his wife’s hand blood dripped down and Alexandra’s mother grabbed a towel to clean the blood. “I’m not hungry mother id like to go to my room.” the girl said handing her mother bandages all her mother could do was nod the pain was to bad. Alexandra went to her room hearing the screams of her angry father and she walked away. Closing the door of her black room with Christmas lights strung on the ceiling and the decor slightly falling down the young girl walked to her purple bed which still had a bloodstain on it from her arm. Alexandra sat down and held the wolf plushie missing an eye and held him tightly “Your the only one that understands Oak” she cried to the stuffed animal tears in her eyes. Still crying the young girl layed down and closed her eyes not listening to the yelling die down as she drifted off to sleep...

*4 years later*

14-year-old Alexandra ate breakfast in silence the cereal seemed stale but she didn’t mind at least she was eating something. The night before and so on were all the same not very good sleep fights between her parents and beating from her father. Her cuts and bruises were hidden under her denim jacket long blue pants and her emo like brown hair. Making sure she looked presentable for the first day of school she then grabbed her wolf-themed bookbag and carefully tucked Oak in the bag secretly hoping no one would notice. “I’m going to the bus stop” she yelled as she left the house in a hurry hoping to not be in contact with her family. Alexandra winced but kept going and put her earbuds in listening to music on her mp3 player as she waited. Bus 76 came and she boarded there didn’t seem to be any more kids at that stop she looked around the bus and found an empty seat in the back where she could be alone and draw in her sketchbook. The bus halted to a stop as it arrived at the school. Not making eye contact with anyone the girl exited the bus and took her earbuds out walking into the school. Immediately heading to class so shed be alone Alexandra chose a seat in the back so she wouldn’t be noticed or have to deal with the other children. Her hazel eyes stared at the board which read ‘Welcome Students! I am Mrs. Raven it will be nice to get to know you all’ below that in more fancy letters it read ‘Choose your seats wisely you won’t be moving again’ after reading this Alexandra sighed and began doodling waiting for class to begin. Lost in her thoughts the girl didn’t even realize students coming in and the teacher as well. Mrs. Raven was a tall skinny woman with short black hair and blue eyes she had freckles on her face and was wearing a blue dress. “Alright hello class everyone take their seats and we will introduce each other one by one” she smiled looking at each person in the room her eyes stopping at Alexandra. The girl wasn’t paying attention and stared off into space until it was her turn. “miss Swan would you please introduce yourself you don’t have to stand.” the teacher chuckled. She turned her head a little and began “my name is Alexandra please don’t call me anything else, I like wolves and drawing I also like writing but that’s all you need to know” she sighed. Nodding Mrs. Raven began the lesson which the girl payed little attention to. After school, the bus loaded everyone up and took them home again the lonely girl sat at the back paying little attention and rose when her stop was next. She began walking when she tripped over something and fell on her face pain coursed through her body as she struggled to stand two boys chuckled and snickered as she rose and picked up her things. The first one was short and heavy with blonde hair and green eyes while the other was tall skinny and a redhead with blue eyes “watch where you're going” he snapped snickering as the girl got off the bus. Alexandra headed home and it started to rain it was cold but she didn’t put her hood up and continued going on she kind of felt like she was being followed as she went home but shrugged it off as just a bit of paranoia. The small house came into view and she entered the small white house that smelled of liquor and smoke. Grabbing some cookies and heading up to her room without a word the girl shuffled up the stairs. Laying on her bed and beginning her fairly easy homework she knew everything already she began to think. It didn’t last long when she heard yelling downstairs and sat up looking at the door as her father entered. “Why are you just sitting there get up you useless pathetic waste of space” he yelled grabbing her arm and jerking her up leaving a red mark on her arm. The girl didn’t fight it and got thrown into the floor her head hit her drawer and she blacked out. The next morning she woke up no memory of what happened and her chest hurt terribly as she rose. She grabbed hold of her drawer which was covered in the blood from her head that’s when she noticed the blood on the floor. Feeling her head she sighed and cleaned it up stitching herself up as she always had then put her jacket on and got ready for school. As she made her way to the bus stop Alexandra had a strange feeling like something bad was about to happen but shrugged it off again as she continued. Suddenly a blue Suv came speeding through the neighborhood and veered towards her it was the two boys from before and they were aiming for her. Before she could react the two boys jumped out and the car hit her everything went black...

Alexandra woke up in a hospital her vision blurred she sat up wincing and looked around. Her mother was there her father was not which wasn’t surprising. The Dr came in and gave her a few meds and said that if she felt any worse to bring her back and patched her arm up after she hit her arm on the table. Alexandra looked in the mirror of the hospital bathroom and felt nothing. No happiness. No sadness. And worst of all she just felt empty. Her face seemed different her right eye was now a red color and she had a scar down the side of her face, scars covered her and she had a chunk missing from her neck. On the television, it said that two boys Fin and Dan that had been driving the SUV had been caught and arrested. Sighing the girl looked at her injuries her right side of her face had been burned by the car fire. Her hair seemed to be a darker brown and still stained with the red of her blood. The girl grabbed her things and followed her mother to the car not saying a word and immediately going to her bedroom. She drifted off to sleep and felt odd. In her dreams, she met someone tall and who had white face no mouth no eyes no nose just a man in a suit trying to get her to follow. Jumping out of the dream seeing only blood and decay there Alexandra looked around everything seemed to be fine except for the thoughts running through her head. The voices got louder after she took her medicine and she screamed. Her mother entered and tried to calm her but the girl pushed her away grabbing the knife hiding under her pillow. Alexandra hid it behind her and her father entered demanding everyone to go back to bed hurting them again. When everyone was asleep Alexandra twitched and grabbed the kitchen knife again and remembered her favorite scary story, Jeff the Killers story. She headed to the bathroom and carved a smile in her mouth ear to ear she laughed maniacally as the blood ran down her face but stayed quiet. Hearing the tv running in the family room she walked in and saw her father in the rocking chair sleeping soundly. Walking up to him she held her hand over his mouth and grinned “arent you going to fight back. Have fun will you” she whispered and laughed. “its all your fault. N..no don’t fight back anymore” she whispered as she carved into his flesh with the blade “It’ll all be over soon.” she whispered in a raspy voice. “A...Alexandra stop” he cried “NO I will not and it’s not Alexandra any more father its Alex, Alex the killer, and ill see you in Hell” she yelled “Goodnight my dear” she whispered in his ear plunging the knife in his chest. She laughed over and over again as she got up licking some of the blood off the blade she walked to her mother’s room scraping the knife on the wall and then the door. “Wake up mother,” she said when she arrived to her bed “I know its not your fault but you can go away and it’ll be better now” she smiled as she plunged the knife into her as well “I’m sorry” she whispered “your free” Alex pulled the knife out and tears fell. Grabbing matches and some gasoline she set fire to the house taking the knife with her she left and went towards the woods and that’s the last anyone saw her again...

“Serial killer out there if you see a girl of this description long brown hair blood-stained denim jacket she has a hazel eye the other is covered with her hair and she has a kitchen knife call the police immediately” the tv boomed loudly in front of Mrs.Raven as she sat there she had heard something outside and locked the door returning to the seat. Her dog Scruffy was quiet and she discovered her head on the floor the body missing crying she wasn’t paying much attention and someone stood their shadow looming over her.... the last thing she heard was “You Shall Be free from the darkness within this light” ...

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