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Horror / Thriller
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Raat kuch logo Ko chain ki mind sulati hai toh kuch logo Ko jagati hai par meri life me ye raat koi aam raat nahi Hoti ye wo raat h jisme neend to hai par so nhi skte aur agr jaag Gye to .......

Meri har raat khoon ki raat Hoti hai Darr ki raat Hoti hai ab khoon ki baat sunkr sbko ajeeb lgta hai par ye meri real life hai jiska jikr Mai agr kisi se kahu to mjk me uda dete hai yaha har taraf lashein Hoti hai ,kisi ka murder hota hai ,koi mujhe marna chahta hai .... psychology kehti hai hum jo sochte hai dekhte hai Wahi humare sapne me aata hai par Mai aisi har us chij se dur Rehti hu jo mujhe darati hai fir v har raat mujhe khatne Ko doudti hai .

Ek raat kriban 11 pm Mai soyi ol us raat Maine dekha ki ek banjar jameen ki taraf Mai aage ki oor badhte ja rhi hu achanak se ek aisi jgh p kdm rkha Maine jaha lash hi lash thi pair rkhne tak ke liye jgh nahi thi fir maine apni hatho ki taraf dekha ol Mai jor se cheekh padi maine dekha ki kisi ka adha kata hua hath mere hath me hai aur mera pura sarir khoon k Lal rang me ranga hua hai Mai cheekh cheekh kar keh rhi thi ki koi mujhe waha se nikalo pr koi meri help k liye waha nhi tha Mai bhut drr gyi thi or fir maine meri Mumma ki awaj suni aur achanak se uthkr rone lagi kisko kya PTA Maine kya dekha, Maine kya face Kiya Mumma keh ri thi ki Mai neend me ro rhi thi meri aankho me pani mere darr ki kahani

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