Monkeys Paw: Wish Upon A Time

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Second Wish

Two years later, there was a food shortage across the country. Every time I walk back from my work I see people on the streets dying off slowly to hunger. I barely had enough food for my family. Eventually, my mind wandered back to the paw. Every night I would just stare at it for hours not knowing what to do. After a while, I fell to the temptation.

I whispered to the paw, “ I wish to end this food shortage.”

A shiver ran down from my spine as the second finger curled down. That’s when the voices started.

The next morning, I wake up to the screams of my wife. I ran down and find her straddling our child in her hand. My beloved daughter was drained of life. Her face was ghastly white and her skin had peeled off showing only the flesh. My hand started trembling and I didn’t know what to feel. I cried that night, not sleeping at all. It turned out my daughter was not the only one. Thousands of people across India had been infected overnight by the deadly disease. It appeared in one night and killed all of the infected, but it somehow disappeared as well. The food shortage had ended but at the cost of many lives. I vowed to never touch the paw again.

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