Monkeys Paw: Wish Upon A Time

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Final Wish

After ten years in the army, I had been promoted to Seargent Major. I was happy with my promotion and I wanted to celebrate the night with my wife. Yet. I knew that was not possible. After our daughter’s death, she was always unhappy. Nothing would cheer her up anymore. I just wanted her to smile again. That’s when I thought about the paw. Then I heard a voice. “Make a wish”, it said. I looked around and I did not see anyone. Maybe I should make a wish, it’s only a simple request. I rummaged through my old boxes and found the paw. I couldn’t bring myself to do it not after last time. Then one night I find myself asleep on my office desk. In my hand, was the monkey’s paw and in the other was a drawing of a smiling face. I don’t know what I was thinking that night, but it was enough to convince me to make my final wish.

I uttered my last request, “ I wish to make my wife happy again”.

At last, the third finger curled down and an eerie silence soon followed after. This time I did not care. I was just excited to see my wife happy soon. The next day, I came back from work and entered my house. I was horrified at the sight. My dearest wife was hanging from the ceiling as her body limply swayed. Her hands were bloody and her face was carved into a big smile. Below her was a note that said, “ I made myself smile forever”. I felt this pain in my heart. I couldn’t breathe or do anything. I wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn’t come out. Something was happening to me as if I felt no regret or sadness.

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