Tales of the Mind

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Horror / Mystery
Aaron Ducret
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Fact or Fiction

In this world, there are many strange things. Unknowns, dangers and darkness around every corner. What we see by the light of day is but a fantasy. Demons walk in human form. Monsters don flesh so as to avoid suspicion.
Many will live their lives ignorant of the dangers that lay beneath the surface. However, none are entirely safe. Ignorance does not protect from the dangers that the world harbors.
The mind itself is a master of these dangers. Stories and tales of our own imagination are just as terrifying as the beasts that inhabit the world. But what if these thoughts are more? What if the fears you hold in your mind are a gateway of torture?
I wonder. I wonder if people truly know the power of their own minds? The man who turns pretty women into porcelain dolls of rotting beauty. Why are they so lifelike? The grotesque puppet shows, almost too human to truly be puppets. Why does he never stop smiling? I wonder.
Trapped. How many people are trapped? How many people are taken and never seen again? When offered an escape, would you take it? It's a difficult situation. Do you suffer in the hopes you are found? Or do you take the out that is given and be released from struggle? You battle the demons in your own mind daily, they scream for you to lose the battle. Would you try and escape it? Or do you remain, trapped?
A secret. You've known her for years. You've loved her for years. You are the only one that knows what she is capable of doing to poor unsuspecting men who cross her path. You love her, but you know the dangers. Do you want to take the risk, and see if you can save her from the life she has chosen? Or do you allow her to continue on and keep it all hidden. A secret.
Are these real people? Or are they just simply figments of your minds world? There is no truth, there is no right or wrong. You decide if they have life. You are the one that determines reality. But if they aren't real, where do these thoughts come from? How warped is your own mind if these are the worlds you create?
Do you wish to give them life?
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