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A town called [Lackwitz] was peaceful. But a man wants to corrupt it, by being the mayor of the town. After the election he threw a party in his very large mansion after their graduation. Then he releases an abnormal power all over the mansion , after that all the teenagers were gone, except for a guy name Tyrone managed to survive. He goes through hundreds of hallways and room, until he found two survivors... Will they escape this madness?

Horror / Other
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They Won't Help Us



Hi, my name is Tyrone...

me and my other schoolmates were invited to a party from a rich man, after our graduation.

But then things go crazy, blood was spilled, my everyone’s gone, then there’s this...


Yeah, them.....

Plus my classmate who still is wearing that stupid party mask, I don’t know if he’s part of this or not...


I stayed under this table like a day, and my mentality is slowly healing. Oh and yeah I this is my status...


after my sanity came back, I snuck out the table and went to the biggest kitchen, GOD THIS MANSION IS LIKE A CITY.

The kitchen is like a ball room, but with many counters. This is good I can sneak stealthy for food, but most of the food are frozen and uncooked. And then I see this giant pantry door, a size of my house.

I opened the giant pantry door, then I see these delicious snacks that made me drool. I took a bunch of them, and shoved them in my pants.

After that, I saw a vent. So I grabbed as many snacks that I can get, then shoved it through the vent, I even took off my pants and put on my pants quickly, so I dropped all the snacks that I shoved.

Oh no, I forgot something that I left from under the table. I tried to come back to the party room, but I was lost through the hallways.

My objective now is to retrieve the item that I left, maybe I’ll just search through the vents. Woah I mean woah, this vent is walkable inside here. How much did this man cost him to build this mansion?

I ate all the snacks, then search the party room, through the vents. I’m doing this just for a stupid...


I got hit by something, then turn off to black, then my eyes were switched back on . I woke up on the master bedroom, and holy 5H*! this room is super dope!

Then someone appeared from a door, they were wearing that stupid masks....

so I yelled...

Tyrone: Please I beg you, all I want is to survive, get out of here, and Find him. Please let me live just to see him the last time...

You people used to be peaceful students, now you kill us like his?

We’re your schoolma-

Girl: Ok, dude. These are just disguises. We’re trying to fit in with those things...

Boy: We’re trying to find survivors, you’re the first one who we found...

Rachael, the rich girl. she never gets insane, plus her skills are almost perfect, but her intelligence make her super strategic...


Kai, The tech. guy. almost everyone in school made fun fun of him, but on stage... everyone started to do what he does.

but he can’t show how he’s like this, because he holds secrets that can make him... famous. plus his status are 70% higher.


Tyrone: Wait! you’re Mr. Richard’s daughter, so you must know where the front door is...

Rachael: Sorry, dude. That can’t be the exit to our problems, literally...

Tyrone: What! Why?



Kai: The front door is blocked by some bloody veins, and giant organs.

Tyrone: maybe...

Rachael: even the back door, windows, and other exit doors are blocked.




Tyrone: So does that mean..... We’re trapped?

Rachael: Not entirely.... my dad once told me there’s a secret passageway here...

Kai: We tried to open the secret passage down that hallway, but it’s locked by some security technology.

Rachael: So we tried to go to the security room, but it’s gaurded by them, plus it’s locked, so we need the keycard. Luckily I know where it is...



Tyrone: really? where?

Kai: From my dad...

Tyrone: wait I know that room above the security room!

Rachael: The room that has a giant vault on the floor?

Tyrone: Yeah, maybe that leads to the security room!

Kai: But there’ one of them there!

Tyrone: Three against one is fine, we just need to find it’s weakness...

Rachael: well their weakness is alcohol, I don’t know why. But when I was attacked by one of them in the nurses room, I splashed it on it, then he screamed then under his mask it was evaporating air.

Tyrone: good! then I have a plan!


Tryone: here’s the plan! we’ll get as many alcohol she can hold from the nurses room, then go to the room above the security room, the vault room. Then we attack him.

Rachael: But the nurses room is guarded by the guard that attacked me!

Kai: Plus I went to the vault room, the vault is like attached from a computer, so t might take at least 30 minutes.....

Rachael: And.... the guards might hear the scream, so they might enter and join the party...

Kai: and we should hurry, Ben has a routine to search around the building...

Tyrone: Ben? the guy on the red hoodie?

Rachael: Yes! He can run fast, and pin us down faster...

Kai: we have like 1 hour until he reaches the vault room

Tyrone: “...”

I guess we split! Kai, you hack in the vault room! Rachael, you try to get many alcohol from the nurses room, quietly. An I distract the guards, and Ben.




Kai’s adventure towards hatred

I snuck my way to the vault, and reached my destination. I got to the computer, and hacked through the vault.

I can’t wait to go to the police station, and see my parents, even they hate me.


My childhood sucks when it comes to my parents, they always ground me when I do something right.

I feel like harry potter, but with a nice brother. Once he convince mom and dad to get 2 laptops, then he gave me the other laptop, since he knows I love techy stuff.

He tried to tell mom and dad to love me more, and socialize with me more. But it was worst, my parents acts to love me when he’s with me. But without him, they torcher me more and more...

One day my brother died from cancer, and my parents still torchers me, because they think I was the cause for his death. I tried to runaway, but dad puts me on medication, so that I can’t go without his command.

But I broke out my insanity, and tried to fight them, but I have these feelings why they hate me....

One day a therapist came to me, I thought mom and dad brought her here, but she’s checking me and the other kids in my neighborhood if we have problems.

I told her everything about my story, then she’s gone quiet. But she told me to continue to love them, even they hate me because of that day, she left and slammed the door.

I tried to do that for 8 years, and still they torcher me with the word saying “I hate you”. Maybe that therapist isn’t a real therapist. Wait! Why am I still loving my parent?


Rachael’s adventure to try to stop evil

I made it to the nurse’s room, heck he’s there again! Didn’t I say my dad has keycard? Why did he ignore it? I mean my dad is right over there in the next room!

UGH! Whatever! I’ll just get these stupid alcohols. But I dropped one, and the guard looked at me straight to my eyes. Oops 😰

He runs straight to my path, do you know what I did? It’s the oldest trick on the book, I just step to the side....


*Door opens*

Rachael: Why is giddeon here, father?

Mr. Richard: Because you’re here to comfort him here, during my conversation with Mr. Jones here. Now un along and explore the mansion...

*Door closes*

Giddeon grabbed my hand and runs to the vent, I asked him “why we’re going to the vent”. Then he said “Trust me”.

we run through the vents until we reached the room that my dad and Mr. jones are going to talk about something imporant.

Rachael: Gid, we can’t listen to dad’s priva-

Giddeon: SHHHHH....

Mr. Jones: Our weapon is ready, we can spread this around a building. But the problem is we need some place that can occupy people.

Mr. Richard: Wait, maybe I should throw a party...

Mr. Jones: A party?

Mr. Richard; Yes, you know the seniors are almost on their way to graduate from Kuvard High?

Mr. Jone: Yes, my nephew will graduate as well...

Richard: I should throw a party for them, after graduation, but before that I have to win the election of being mayor.

Here’s what’s going to happen, you and the others get all those losers trying to be mayor, you threaten them to fail their best.

And after I win the election I throw a celebration party for those seniors, capture them in my mansion, and kill them so they can rise again....

Me and Giddeon were shocked about my dad’s crazy plan....

We both tried to stop him, and get all the students to evacuate, but we failed...

The last time I saw Giddeon is the time he was surrounded by guards...

I guess he’s one of them now...



Tyrone: Hey you crazy bitches, even you ben, you guys are freaks!


I ran until I cornered myself on the hallwaythat has a door at the end, and they ran towards me. Until I open the door let them run in, then locked it...

Rachael: Hey let’s go back to Kai...


Tyrone: Kai, are you fini-

*Vault opens*

Kai: finished? yes!

Rachael: Wait! where’s the guard here?

Kai: Maybe he wasn’t here the whole time?


Rachael: Whatever! Kai, hack the secret passage.

Kai: Okay, but this might take like another 30 minutes

Tyrone: Wait, Rachael can we get something from the party room? 😅

Rachael: well, ok, since this will take a while...


Tyrone grabs a hat from under the table

Rachael: Ok, a hat? there’s more important stuff than that...

Tyrone gives Rachael a quiet reply

Rachael: Whatever! let’s go!


*The belly of the teddy opens*

Rachael: I didn’t know my dad installed that? 😐


Tyrone: Why do you have speakers here in your mansion?

Rachael: Because my dad’s lazy, and he calls his assistance far away.

Tyrone: Shoot!

Rachael: Remove the mask, we know it’s you, ben!

He removes the mask


Within the blank stare, Kai pushes them into the teddy, then they drop until they’re thrown outside.

Rachael: Hurry, let’s go to the police an--

Kai: Do you think the police would believe all of what we’ve gone through

Tyrone: I think the whole town will beleive us...


0But they won’t help us0

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