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Fight between The Sasquatch and Hunter+

Horror / Thriller
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They hunt on the It was one of those days while the guys were out deer hunting deer. This was one of these days, it been snowing they were in the woods side of a mountain it was a dense wooded area plenty of deer and elk up in Wyoming. On private land 3 inches of snow on the ground, it was cold up near the Teton mountains,Two hunter went up the mountain one of the found large tracks not knowing there tracks of animals might cause them to loose their lives We were there for a research trip for Sasquatch.I heard one of the man was a life 3was taken the creature attack him before He could get a shot off He was Ripped to pieces and it was eating on it the other one was through of the cliff He made it for a little while than he put in also They send the sheriff his deputys went to the site. By the time they go to the site one hunter was almost eaten to the bones. They had to retrieve the other body . But no Sasquatch to be found.took longer since it was at the bottom of the cliff.they came back toward evening To look for the Sasquatch I thought was a foolish thing to do. Hunted durning the day time, That there won't be by won't a be any more deaths by Sasquatchs. Two weeks went by two cross country skier were attacked by the same Sasquatch I travel over to that area for research to find out what was going on never found the skiers just tracks of Sasquatch blood It must have drag them off to a nesting when they did found them there was't much left belive now there could have been two of them the skiers were a young that makes four deaths by Sasquatches.wolfs might have ate parts of them . Sent more law enforcement to hut down the Sasquatch they had vanish from the area into another dimension .

The End

Star Writer. JerryG. Smith

June 18, 2020

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