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Various dark, spooky stories. Single chapters. Story #1 Cotton Tail; A young girl's rabbit meets a violent end by her father's ruthless hands. As things go bump in the night, her lovable pet has became one of nightmares. ~~ “Pi-per,” a voice whispers from behind me, their breath hot on my neck as the stench of death rushes up my nose. ~~ 🛑 Before you read! Some stories may contain; 💀 Possible Triggers. 💀 Abuse. 💀 Vulgar language. 💀 Gore. ❗️No update schedule, written to help ease writers block.

Horror / Other
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Cotton Tail

Standing in the middle of our small living room to our small two-bedroom trailer, I nervously stroke my rabbit my mother got me a few years ago, font to back, her short huffs from breathing soothes my ears as I feel her chest rise and fall.

It's one of the rare things that make me feel safe.

Safe from my father.

"Stop petting that damn rabbit and listen to me!" my father screams at me while pointing at me angrily with his large sausage-like fingers. His dark brown eyebrows are furrowed deeply, wrinkles creasing on his forehead as he puffs a small hit off of a cigarette. The cigarette gently sticks to his lips as he removes it from his mouth. He taps the cigarette lightly, knocking the long ash on the short red-colored carpet, coughing a smoker's cough as he looks around.

My father stares at me as I watch him, with a demonic grin plastered on his face, he points his cigarette at me and makes a sizzling noise. I jump with fear as I avoid my father's gaze, looking down at my rabbit, I stroke Twinkie once more. Flattening her long soft white ears down her solid white back, the gentle softness of her fur through my tiny fingers soothes my fear.

"Victor, you know that's how she copes! Leave her alone!" my timid mother yells at him from the hallway door frame, her voice shaking with concern.

I glance up at her, her blonde hair is a disheveled mess thrown into a careless ponytail. Her eyes are bloodshot as tears stream endlessly down her round face. Her tired blue eyes are dull and almost lifeless. Her oversized white t-shirt that almost meets the middle of her thighs is scattered with small and large burn holes; crisp black burnt edges line the holes. Vibrant scarlet stains are caked on the white fabric and on her charred spots of skin under the crisp shirt.

I hate seeing her hurt with no ability to make it better.

"Did you just back talk me, you stupid whore! Get back in that room now before I make you," he growls at my mother as he stares her down with a killing look. Quickly, he flicks his half-smoked cigarette at her, barely missing her skin, it lands right at her feet. The fire nibbles at the carpet that's already littered with burn holes.

I glance once more at my mother, defeat written across her ghastly white face. She takes one last look at me, sorry written in her eyes, she falters slightly with her left leg as she sways back down the hallway she came from.

Obeying my father like she has done so many times before.

I don't think this is how a family is meant to be.

My father looks back at me, slowly, he approaches as he pops his knuckles. First, his right hand and then his left pushing down on his fist with the opposite palm. The sickening crack almost like stepping on unpopped bubble wrap.

"Piper- I thought,” he pauses as he blinks rapidly, almost like he's trying to clear something from his eyes. “I thought I told you to stop petting that damn animal," my father growls at me as he leans down close to my face, his face almost touching mine.

His muddy brown eyes are glassy and bloodshot, somehow different from my mother's crying eyes. His disheveled tan stained yellow t-shirt and his breath reek of alcohol, the stain I'm sure is from one of his earlier endeavors.

There's always some liquid in a bottle beside him, not this time though, this time is different; his hands are free, no bottle in sight.

Although he has never physically touched me, I’ve watched and listened as things happened to my mother. I’ve watched where she’s messed up with him, her actions, her words, everything. If I say anything wrong, he might lash out at me, but if I don't say anything, he'll be even madder.

Holding Twinkie close to my chest, I shy away slightly as I flinch waiting for my father's punishment, not saying a word. My choice is clear: silence.

“Give me that damn thing!” my father roars as he yanks Twinkie from my arms by her ears. I watch as she flails in a frenzied panic, frantic wailing screams leave her body as she’s floundering, trying to get free.

“Twinkie!” I howl, my voice scratching my throat from the volume of my yell. I reach for her with my heart beating quickly, making me feel as if I’ll be sick at any moment.

My father smirks at me as he shoves me to the floor with his free hand. With one swift motion, he slings her plump body against the cream-colored wall. A loud deafening cry escapes her body as the crunch of bones shatter through the air. Her lifeless body falls to the floor like a bag full of jello, her nerves reacting as she jerks violently bashing herself harder against the wall and floor.

Tears roll down my face, burning my eyes. “You didn't have to do that!” I scream at my father through long hard gasps for air, my face burning with rage.

“Mm, I don't need a reason for the things I do,” he says as he shrugs nonchalantly.

Reaching into his dark gray sweatpants pocket, he pulls out a medium sized silver flask and carefully turns the lid and takes a long gulp. “Clean that mess up and go to your room. That ought to teach you to listen to me you fucking spoiled brat,” he growls as he wipes excess liquid away from his bottom lip.

I sit in silence curled in a ball around my favorite fluffy pink pillow on my twin-sized bed, swaddled under my large silky pink comforter. The dull buzz of my small box fan whirrs around my dark lifeless room, mixing with my soft cries. My eyes sting from my tears as they stream endlessly down my face. Helpless gasping sobs leave my throat as I shake violently, trying to gather myself.

It’s been hours since I had to put my best friend in a trash bag and throw her away in the trash can outside. It’s been hours since I heard the latest beatings my father granted my mother after I went to my room, her cries still ring through my ears.

Thankfully, they stopped a few minutes ago. The complete darkness outside and lack of pained screams must mean he’s asleep.

Boom! Skt! Thunder booms loudly outside as lightning illuminates the dark outside world. Hard rain beats against the roof of the trailer and trickles down the outside of my window beside my bed.

A small whimper leaves my lips as I curl tighter around my pillow. I hate storms, normally I would cuddle Twinkie, but I can't. Pain surges through my chest at the thought of my rabbit. She’s the only thing that made me feel safe, and now she’s gone.

Tap, tap, tap. A gentle tapping noise knocks against my closed bedroom door. A nasty chill runs up my spine, sending goosebumps crawling against my skin.

No one ever knocks on my door, my father busts right in, and my mother hasn't visited my room in years. My mom- she was down more than usual, so maybe- just maybe, she came to see me. Warmth fills my chest at the very thought of possibly not being alone, and with my mother nonetheless.

Tap. Tap. The tapping noise rings once more against the outside of my door.

“Mom?” I whisper into the darkness.

No answer.

Tap. Tap. “Mom?” I whisper as the tapping continues, slower than the earlier occurrences. I leave the comfort of my blanket burrito, sitting up in my bed and gaze at my bedroom door.

Eeeeek. A high pitch noise scratches down the outside of my door, causing my hair to stand on end.

“That isn't funny,” I say in a shaky voice, alarm burning every fiber of my body.

I watch in horror as my doorknob turns, the squeak of the door sings as it is slowly pushed open, it gently bounces against the back door stopper on the wall in my room. Through the darkness, I can’t make out anything in the doorway, it almost appears empty.

Mmmraa,” an inhuman moan shrieks through the air as shallow thumping foot beats pound against the floor, getting ever so closer to my bed.

I yank my blanket over my head and curl helplessly deeper into my bed, scrunching my eyes closed tightly. Covering my ears with my hands, I push hard on my ears, trying to block out the sounds.

I don't think that’s my mom.

Thump, thump, thump. The footsteps stop as soft chattering noises fill the air, almost like the noises my rabbit made.

Thump, thump. Thump. They stop abruptly next to the left side of my bed, right beside my head. My heart beats faster as fear consumes my body, they're right here.

Pii-peer,” a voice gurgles, their warm breath assaults my hand that is firmly planted on my left ear. The smell of death and sulfur rush through my senses as I breathe in. The revolting smell makes my stomach turn and do somersaults, quickly I cover my mouth and nose with my hands.

My soft breaths from my mouth are matched by heavy raspy breathing from the unknown source. Peaking slightly, standing outside my blanket, a dark shadow looms. A humanoid figure that has long rabbit ears.

Who is that? No- better yet, what?

I close my eyes tightly, wishing the creature would go away.

My blanket gives as finger like appendages grasp my blanket, barely touching the side of my hand as they tug the blanket away. A cold breeze washes over me as they throw the blanket somewhere at the end of the bed, my skin crawls at being exposed to whatever monster is out there.

Pi-peer,” it whispers as it rubs its fluffy fingers down the side of my face. My chest tightens as it makes contact with my skin, tears begin to stream down my face running into my hands that cover my face from the foul smell. I don't want this thing touching me! Why do they smell so bad?

Op-een your eyes,” it whispers once more as it grabs my hands with its large fuzzy human-like hands, trying to tug them away from my face.

“No!” I grunt through gritted teeth, my heart beating so loud I swear I can hear it.

I don’t want to open my eyes!

It’s mee,” it gurgles as it pulls its hands away from mine.

Not daring to answer or open my eyes I stay silent, my body shivering with fear.

A loud sigh escapes its body, “I am-- Twin-kie.

“Twinkies dead,” I grumble as I sniffle back tears. What could this thing accomplish by saying they're my dead rabbit. Not even that, how do they think I'd believe them when they can clearly talk, something a rabbit can't do?

O-pe-en,” it grumbles with anger clear in their voice as I feel their hands placed back on mine.

They tug violently, pulling my hands away from my face causing my eyes to shoot open in panic. My heart beats through my chest as I lay my eyes on the thing in front of me.

Its large solid white rabbit face is the size of a human’s. Its fur is matted with garbage from what seems like ours. I can see last night's spaghetti all over them, covering their fur in a red-orange hue. Other garbage clings to its body and ears.

Its left ear rips from the edge on top of their head down to the top of their left eye. Long string-like objects hold the ear barely in place, thick black blood pools out of the wound and drips off the strings.

Its vibrant solid red eyes are wide without a trace of eyelids, black blood trickles down from them almost like tears. The creature's dark gray whiskers are wrinkled and disheveled, aiming in any direction possible.

It’s teeth send shivers down my spine as my heart beats quicker. Sharp teeth, the size of my pinky finger, spread wickedly on their smile. Their teeth stained black with barely any white visible as a black tar-like substance oozes down their teeth, dripping down their chin.

“Who are you?” I ask, my voice trembling as I start breathing deeply. The stench of death booming from their body, tightening my chest and stomach.

Pi-per’s rab-bit, Twin-kie,” it stutters softly.

“You aren't Twinkie! I don't know what you are, but Twinkie is dead! I watched it with my own eyes!” I shout loudly at the creature. Twinkie was a rabbit, a small fluffy animal. The thing in front of me isn’t an animal, it’s a monster.

Pi-per wanted me g-gone?” it questions sadly, its eyes flickering to a darker red.

“I didn't want him dead,” I whisper. It’s true, I loved him, but I couldn't do anything to stop my father. Even if I had, he probably still would’ve died.

Pi-per didn't want me!” it shouts loudly, an ear shattering groan leaves its mouth as it hurls its body at me.

It lands on top of my slamming me against the bed. It claws at me as it snaps at my face with its razor sharp teeth. The thick tar like blood drips frantically from its gnashing lips, dropping on my face. I gag at the smell of death that assaults my nose and the gooey substance now on my face.

“Get off me!” I scream at the top of my lungs, straining my voice box.

I struggle underneath the large creature, smacking and kicking causing trash to ricochet off of it. With a loud inhuman noise it lands a large chomp right down on my right collar bone, its long teeth shattering through every fiber of my body. I scream as the pressure sets in, the tar like substance leaks into my open wound sending an almost static electric shock through my body.

Adrenaline rushes through my body as I slam my hand into its chest, causing it to lose its balance, allowing me a second to fling myself onto the floor.

A blood curdling scream escapes my lips as I slam into the floor below my bed. My eyes shoot open as I scramble to gain my bearings.

I frantically search my surroundings for the monster, my heart pounding against my chest. I breathe in panicked gasps as my head pounds in pain from my fall off my bed. The pitch black room is silent and void of the deathly smell that haunted my nose from earlier.

“It’s not here,” I whisper to myself, a sigh of relief washes over me.

Was it a dream? Or am I going crazy?

Whatever it was. . . it felt so real.

I throw on my old pullover hoodie, scooping my hair out from under the neckline. I have to make sure that Twinkie is still there- outside in the trash can. Tiptoeing into the kitchen, straight down the hallway, I grab the flashlight my father leaves on the kitchen island to work on his car with.

I silently creep my way into the living room, a straight shot to the front door.

My father passed out in a drunken state in the large brown recliner, his mouth wide open. A dark brown glass liquor bottle lays emptied on the carpet, the carpet still wet and off-color from the spill. I need to be quiet, I can only imagine what he would do to me if I woke him up.

I step lightly trying to avoid the floorboards that creak with very little weight on them. Right, left, right- creeaak. Shit! I clutch the flashlight tightly against my chest as I freeze in place and flinch toward my father’s sleeping body. My heart beats quickly as my back burns with fear.

A loud snore escapes his body, causing his lips to vibrate slightly. A small sigh escapes my lips as I relax my stiff back and continue to tip-toe across the room. I gently turn the doorknob and pull the door open with a soft squeak, and push the screen handle to open the screen door.

With a click on the end of the flashlight, the light beams a soft yellow illuminating the sidewalk that leads to the driveway that’s a hop and a skip away. I take long deep breaths as I approach the trash cans laid against the side of the trailer, a few steps outside the door. I reach the round solid black trash cans, and twist the top off, the flash light’s yellow glow shaking as I prepare myself to remove the lid.

With a deep breath in I remove the lid and drop it to the floor as fear consumes my body. I spin around and shine the light frantically at my surroundings. My heart pounds against my ears as I clutch the flashlight with two hands, the yellow beam bouncing from my unstable hands.

Twinkie’s dead body is gone.

Pi-per,” a voice whispers from behind me, their breath hot on my neck as the stench of death rushes up my nose.

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