Task 18

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After waking up trapped somewhere presumably underground, Esil must help seven others find a way out. However, the one responsible for this is trapped there with them, and soon trouble will arise...

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Chapter One

His breath came in ragged gasps as he slowed to a halt. Turning round, he stumbled over something ice cold. He cursed under his breath. He looked up at the full moon that barely showed through all the tall, slender pine trees. Despite the tree's being ice cold, just like the rocks, it was rather humid.

Eesil woke with a pounding headache. He let out a small groanof pain as he raised his heand to his head. Looking around, all he saw was a piece of torn paper stuck to the wall. He got up and walked over to the paper stumbling a little, before reading what was on the paper.

You are one of the eight selected for this task. You are one of the three told this - one of which is me - and the others do not know this is a task.'
Eesil frowned at that last part. Why would this person tell him this? Him out of all the 'others' that were supposedly not told, they chose him, why? He shook his head, pushing all his questions to the back of his mind, and opened the door he had only just noticed was next to the paper. It lead to a larger room, where seven people (atleast he belived most of them were people, he wasn't so sure about the one who seemed to have purple and green flames coming out of them) were gathered around a table, talking.
When he entered the room, they all went quiet and turned to look at him, all appearing confused.
"Who are you?"
The one closest to him asked.
"That room, it was empty yesterday, how did you get in there?"
"I'm Eesil... I don't exactly remember how I got here, sorry."
Eesil was frowning, this was unusual, he thought.
"So like the rest of us then, huh? Well, besides Luvenia. But she doesn't tell anyone anything, let alone talk to most of us."
One of the people who were sat down waved slightly before continuing to read the book they were holding. Eesil guessed that was probably Luvenia.
The first person to speak walked up to Eesil and shook his hand, smiling faintly.
"My name is Lucian. Nice to meet you."

Esil had only been there a few days when it happened, a door appeared from what seemed like nowhere. It lead to what seemed like a maze, but they did not dare enter it, as they had seen some... creatures walking around near the door. However, the very next day when they woke up there was no door. Just a large hole in the wall. They assumed some kind of creature had ripped the door away, and, fearing that this 'creature' would return, they formed a schedule of when they would explore the maze in pairs to try and find an exit. The pairs were simple,

Lucian and Ana,
Eesil and Yuri,
Rurik and Zdenek,
and finally Luvenia and Guttaur.

Guttaur had insisted he be paired with Luvenia and not Ana, due to his distrust of her, mainly due to her being a vampire. None of them were sure why he didn't trust vampires. Guttaur was what many would call a ghost or demon, and the last one was partially true. He was the result of an experiment. He was half shadow, half fire demon. He mainly stayed in his physical form though, claiming that his shadow form made him feel ill.

Esil put on a jacket he had found along with some other clothes, some food and some weapons, namely knives. It was his and Yuri's turn to explore again. After getting ready, they stepped out into the darkness of the maze as the makeshift door, a large plank of wood, shut behind the two.
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