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The Labyrinth with its endless rooms and nightmares is nearly inescapable. Follow the poor souls of those who wander themselves into the evershifting Labyrinth. Will the leave, or will they be forever trapped

Horror / Mystery
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His mind raced as he slammed the door behind him, locking away the beast that chased him not realizing he entered another of the Labyrinth's various rooms. As he turned around he saw a room with nooses hanging from the ceiling, there were even some bodies hanging lifelessly from the ceiling. He observed the room, and he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was a humanoid staring in his direction. Jumping back in fear, his life flashed before his eyes. However the creature did not pay any attention to him, as if the creature had never even realized he came in. Then He realized something.
The thing's eyes were sewn shut. For a second he relieved himself, he then took the opportunity to analyze the creature. The creature was pale as the moon, its bones showing through its skin, it had mechanical claw like hands that were covered in rust and blood, though it didn't move. For there it stood, motionless. Chills cascaded down his spine as he gazed upon the nooses that hanged from the rotted ceiling. He then took a step forward, the sound of his shoe hitting the decayed floor reverberated through the empty room. However the creature did not move an inch.
He then continued to walk forward, though he accidently touched one of the hanging nooses. The creature then quickly faced him, it then lumbered towards him with its mechanical hands clicking and twitching. Once he saw, he then ran towards the door as fast as he could. However the creature was much faster, and quickly caught up with him. It clawed his back, tearing through his shirt and causing him to fall to the floor now stained with his blood. The creature then dragged him by the leg to an empty noose, it then lifted him up. He struggled and squirmed as a futile attempt to break from the creatures grasp.
The noose then lowered itself to his neck. He then began to scream and plea as the creature wrapped the rope around his neck.
"N-NO! PLEASE, HELP!" He cried, and though his pleas echoed through the room, the creature ignored him and released his body with the noose around his neck. He struggled and chocked gasping for air as the creature remained yet again motionless.
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