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Lucy arrives home to the noise of dripping water. Drip. Drip.

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Lucy pushed open the back door and slipped off her shoes. The tiles of the kitchen floor were cool, her feet left condensation as she walked across towards the fridge. Lucy pulled out a carton of apple juice and poured herself a glass. She took one sip and sat down at the table. It was dark out, the moon was just coming out from over the trees in the back garden and shimmering over the freshly wet grass.

It was a quiet, Lucy listened to the noises of the house. She sat back in her chair and let out a deep exhale. Wait, no, Lucy could hear water, it was a faint dripping. Drip, drip, drip, was it getting louder? She pushed herself away from the table, and stared towards the stairs. Lucy was sure she hadn't left any taps on before she left for work, if she had, the water would be dripping from the ceiling and into the kitchen as she had been at work the the last ten hours. Was it getting louder?

Drip. Lucy was walking up the stairs now, the noise was getting fainter, but it was all she could hear. Everything receded from Lucys hearing, just the drip, like someone had left a tap on with the sole purpose of annoyance. Drip. Lucy topped the stairs and strode over to the bathroom, the light was on?

Stopped in her stride, Lucy hesitated. The light was on. The drip? It had stopped. She stood outside the bathroom door, with her head cocked, listening. Listening.

One cold beed of water ran down Lucys leg. It startled her with a sharp intake of breath. Click. The bathroom light had turned off. Fuck. Lucy jumped at the noise of the pull cord clicking. As the shock fell from her, Lucy was frozen. Thoughts ran through her mind, in a second trying to analyse what was happening. The light, the dripping, water, the feeling of in running down her leg. Someone had turned the light off?

Lucy edged towards the bathroom, listening. Nothing.

The door was open a slither, Lucy pushed lightly, just enough the reach around the door and fumbling for the light pull cord. She grasped it with two fingers, and pulled.

Click. Light shone from around the door, still, no noise. She pushed the door slightly more, peering inside. Nothing out of the ordinary could be seen from Lucys view point. The door was fully open now. Normal, how she had left it, as much as Lucy could remember anyway. She took one step inside. The bathroom was small, straight ahead was the toilet, right next to that on the right was the bath. To the left, the wash basin, the door was just shy of hitting in when fully open. Normal. But what about the light? It had been on, and it had been turned off as she approached. A shiver ran down Lucys spine at this thought. She wanted to turn and get out.

Lucy hadn't let go of the pull cord. It was wet. She released it and glanced at the pull cord, then her fingers. Wet. She looked to the tiled floor, wet patches. Lucy turned and took a quick step out of the room into the hallway. Her feet slipped from under her and Lucys head hit the floor.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

A throbbing from Lucys head brought her too. Her face was wet, she awoke in a puddle. Still in the hallway of the upstairs of her home, outside the bathroom. She was in a puddle. Lucy lifted herself to a sitting position and placed a hand to her head. Ah blood. A cut on the right eyebrow. Lucy rubbed the blood between the finger and thumb.

Remembering, Lucy bolted her glance towards the bathroom, still as she had left it. She was soaking wet, how had this happened? She placed a hand onto the floor, into water. Into water? No, Lucy was still in her hallway, couldn't be water.

Lucy got to her feet, one hand still on her head, one reaching for a wall to stabilise herself. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve. Not much blood, good, very wet though. She was stood in water, not much, about one centimetre. Lucy turned towards the bathroom. The sink or bath weren't on. Then what about the water? The light was off, had she turned it off? maybe in the fall? Lucy pulled the cord. The bathroom lit up for a second, then cord was pulled again to send the room into darkness. Lucys hand was still on the cord. She pulled it again, and the same thing happened. The light worked, but it was being pulled again once Lucy had pulled it. The cord was wet. Lucy squeezed it and more water ran down her hands and wrist. Lucy was frozen.

The water running down Lucys arm was such a strange sensation, it felt foreign. The water, it ran down her arm, to Lucys bent elbow, and then it ran straight up her bicep and towards her shoulder. This was wrong, Lucy knew it, the water, it was wrong.

Still frozen, all Lucy could do was watch. She looked towards the sink, the bath, still looking for an explanation for all the water. It ran up her shoulder and around her neck. No, this wasn't right.

It creeped towards the corner of her mouth. Lucy had let go of the pull cord, and wiped at her mouth franticly. This wasn't right, Lucy somehow knew, she panicked. The water was filling her mouth. Drip. It was back. The dripping. That noise. The noise we know is water falling into water, overlooked when we know it has a purpose, and to be inspected when we don't know the source.

Lucy could her the dripping, and nothing else. Still panicking, thrashing and trying to spit out the water. The water, filling her mouth. Down her throat. Lucy was drowning. The water. Filling her.

Lucy was drowning.

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