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Whenever siblings come around there's always fun, teasings, joy, and the bond of trust that is unbreakable, no matter what. But what happens if something unholy happens around with one of them. Will this bond survive or the fear of something supernatural will be the cause of their demise?

Horror / Thriller
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“The narrator, I think, must succeed in frightening himself before he can think of frightening his reader…”

E.F. Benson

It was a tiring day all along, finishing up the college assignments made my day short and my sleep a winner. Being a night owl, 11 P.M was pretty early for me to let my eyes take the day off but if I knew what was about to go down, believe me, I wouldn’t have slept that night, even if the devil came knocking on my doors himself.

The day was full of surprises, let alone the “important” assignments, my siblings with whom I would share my room slept early too. Well, I was more afraid than to be shocked because the siblings I knew would sleep all day and spend all night on movies, web series and I thought, “Is it me, or they all caught up a fever”? Laura, the eldest would spend most of her night time on web series, Mike, the second eldest, on his games and Thorne, the youngest on her art. Laura, giving the bossy attitude would always sleep right to me, Mike on the left leaving me to sleep in the middle, which I hate the most. And Thorne would usually sleep with her parents in the next room. From the past few days, the electricity was quite out of order due to the heavy storms and rains which were frustrating and frightening as if you are the character from the game Alan Wake and you have to survive the day with a torch.

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