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The Beginning

I partially wake up between 1 am - 3 am every day, I guess that became a habit, to go and check up on my lazy rabbit. As usual, I woke up to check up on him, and in between the hallway, my eyes stumbled upon the first clock showing 3:08 am which was probably broke or it’s battery flooded away because I remember Mike telling his dad about the same the day before yesterday. And then there he was with his eyes partially closed, experiencing the best of his life resting on the veranda. I dropped him off some carrots, of course, and was on my way to the washroom to freshen up and clean up my hands but then I see that the locks of the middle gate were open. I thought someone might have forgotten to lock them up as there were two layers of gates, the front, which was the main and the middle which connected the hall and the main gate. So, I locked the middle gate and went straight to the washroom. Suddenly, I could hear some voices whispering like snakes just past the washroom door and when I called out, it vanished. I thought the sleep was playing games with me and I did not pay attention. After a minute or so, I heard a click like that of a lock when opened. I rushed, thinking someone was trying to break in and found that the locks were ineffably open. I looked around but there was no one, leaving me demented. Well, it was both mystifying and ghostly at the same time. Mystifying, because I was pretty sure I locked them before going to the washroom and ghostly because I truly believed in the existence of the supernatural spirits.

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