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The Incident

Returning to my room, from the hallway, I saw a man standing behind the gate where the veranda leads. He was six feet tall with a black cap over his head. His face was quite vague but all I could see that he had a blank face, like if you are staring at a deeply void space of emptiness but with a wretched smile. I did not move I couldn’t. My voice wanted to cry out but the fear caught the best of me. At that very moment of tranquility, my mind stopped thinking; all I could hear was the throbbing sound of my heart. I lost track of the time as if the world was going to end and time did not matter, not at all. After regaining my consciousness, the only thing I could utter was, “God be with me”. I asked the man what he wanted and suddenly the unholy smile got lost somewhere behind the face that lacked adornment. And then he suddenly vanished into thin air, as if there was nothing, no one. Being scared deeply, I did not care about checking up the veranda. All I found fair enough was to retreat my steps back to my room and that’s what I did. Not paying attention to the second wall clock I came into my room, seeing my siblings sleep peacefully, I returned to bed. After half an hour or so, I heard that same voices whispering and the sound of the lock being opened, this time both together. I got up, terrified, to peek through my room door to watch on the locks and saw that they did not just reopen but there was a shadow of the same man conjured behind the curtains. I was taken aback and terrified but this time with some courage, I warned the man that I had dialed 911 and the Sheriff’s Station is not so far too. Laura and Mike woke up immediately by my fake warnings. And suddenly with a peal of thunder, the backup electricity went out. Mike wanting to prove himself that it must be the breezes and the plants that were playing the role of the black man and the whisperings, went and checked the veranda, and later on locked the gate, accepting the fact that he forgot to lock it at first hand only. But I knew and I believed what my eyes saw and what my ears heard.

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