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The End

Usually, I don’t sleep keeping my phone beside me but adhering to the circumstances, I found it right enough to just take it with. As I laid down and after a few minutes passed by my phone started vibrating, I woke up hesitantly and saw that alarm exactly went off at 3:08 am. My eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing and my heart was battering hard with the horrifying and uncanny incidents. I stepped out of my bed, with the flashlight of my phone in my hand, to see the time on my room’s clock and you wouldn’t believe me but it was 3:08 am, and still. I rushed out to the hall, and saw the time on the second clock, to which I didn’t pay attention the last time, also showed 3:08 am and still.

Then and there I knew that something unhealthy is haunting me and it has just begun. I kept praying to God, standing in the middle of the hallway, for giving me the strength and courage to defend myself and the people whom I love from this unholy spirit. I kept praying and I kept sweating till the lights went on and my keepers enthusiastically blurted their heart out and wished me, “HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY”.

Of course, it was April 1st.

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