Lauren's Birthday party

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A regular teenager and her friends go to her aunt's birthday party, only to find out her family's wicked secret.

Horror / Action
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Forbidden Storytelling!(chapter 1)

"Lisa!" "Today's your birthday!"

Everyone cheered, "Happy Birthday!" as Kehgan took out the big butcher knife. I was 2 at the time, so I didnt understand what was going on.

My sister(the birthday girl) took the bloody butcher knife and asked, "Dad.." "What is this for?"

Dad didn't reply, and abruptly went outside, only to get a goat. The goat was alive..only that wasn't a goat. It was a-

"CINDY STOP!" Janice yelled, "I don't wanna hear your made up stories! They're all creepy!!" "Yeah." Vincent agreed, "I may be a horror fan, and a major creepypasta fan, But this is TOO far Cindy!" Vincent climbed out of the treehouse, and went back inside the house.

As they continued to argue inside the treehouse, Vincent told Cindy's parent's about the story she told, he also informed them he thinks it's a made up story. Her parents looked at Vincent, with serious faces. The Dad grabbed the butcher knife Cindy was talking about.

Vincent realized that the story was true, and ran out of the house, and back inside the treehouse, just to see that they were still arguing. "GUYS!" Vincent yelled, but he quickly settled down,"The story is true!" He started to stutter as he told them what happened when he told them about what Cindy said, and Cindy started to get scared.

"Hey Vincent.." Cindy asked, "Can I stay at your house for tonight?" "Yeah" Vincent answered. Janice asked and he also said yes to her and Jacob.

As they all got out of the treehouse, one by one, the mother was waiting for them, and eavesdropping on them. So she knew where they were going.
"Cindy." Her mom startled them all, she put a intimidating face on, and instructed them to leave, and told Cindy to stay.

So they left and Cindy got grounded because of what she did.

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