The Kid Who used to be

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A young boy named Jacob faces the worst tragedy at age seven he's never the same

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1

The kid who once was is no more. Why? Well, maybe the death of his family or the investigation of their deaths. Nobody quite knows what happened. The mother’s body was found with forced trauma to the head and bruising on the neck and cuts on the legs. The father was found with the index and middle finger missing on the left hand, plus his jaw was cut out. The sister was found with little shallow cuts on the body. Her index fingernail on the right hand had been peeled back. The force that ended her life sThe boy found hiding under his bed he was seven.

(12 hours ago ) You know those moments when you are on a long car ride and you’re really feeling the music and you’re stuck in the moment. Well, that’s how they’re all feeling. After the car ride, Thay went to the store and bought food for the week they were supposed to stay there. When they got to the cabin they got settled in and made dinner. At about 12:30 A.M the Jacob heard a banging on the living room windows and doors the mom Callie woke up to it was a creepy man wearing a yellow smiley face mask. Jacob Callie and The father John went to the back room where the phone was Callie tried to ring the police but the lan-line was cut

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