Abandoned [English Version]

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Teenager boy ends up in the hospital after losing his memory, but somehow he wakes up in the basement of an abandoned hospital every night. His nametag, however, has no data and, therefore, his hospital nickname is “Unknown”. What happened in the hospital? Will every night be condemned to fear and loneliness?

Horror / Romance
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Introduction to the story

A dark and cold night.

Steps in the corridors and quiet sounds of hospital machines.

The worst nightmare that one can experience is loss of memory and awakening in the hospital. The emptiness in your mind can be more terrifying than your biggest fears. In the end what should you feel, when you opened your eyes and noticed that you are not in your room and in front of your eyes is the hospital room ? And you don't even know who you are.

It seems like a scary, nevertheless a unique phenomenon, isn't it ?

But that's what happened to me.

My hospital nickname is "unknown", I'm here without a name and memories.

And here starts my story, however, it's not a lovely story about special person that helped me get my memory back. It will be the biggest nightmare that anyone could survive.

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