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The Story starts from a small place called Mahapuram (Fictional) which is situated in the outskirts of Andhra Pradesh. In that place, a man named Surya, who lives in a house 🏡 with his family 👪... With Two or three houses surrounding it... Surya is a junior engineer in a company nearby town, where he works in shift duties.... He had a beautiful wife named Vennela (Home Maker) and a kid Arun (6 yrs) . . . . While they were living happily, they faced a problem which was very scary and frightening that disturbed the whole family. What was the problem that they faced? How they handled it? To know more pls follow my page and tune into my next chapters 👍😊

Horror / Thriller
Pavan kumar
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

This is the story of a beautiful couple who stay in a small and peaceful place called Mahapuram (Fictional). It is situated in the outskirts of Andhra Pradesh. It is a very lovely place attracting people with it's greenery and serenity. The fresh air in such places actually fills in an unknown enthusiasm. People there are fun, loving and supportive. They help each other just like how a family does when in need. The hero of the story "SURYA" was born and brought up here. Here, Vennela came from a middle class family, who lives in the same town.




Surya and vennela got married and leading their life happily with one kid Arun (6yrs)....

One fine morning at 8'o clock, Vennala was preparing lunch for Surya. Surya was getting ready to leave for office. After surya left for work, vennela is doing her remaining work left in home. After some time, she got a call from Surya that he had an important office work and he must go to camp for 4 days. So he said to his wife that he was coming early from office and make sure to prepare his bag for camp....

Vennela packed all his clothes for the camp. After sometime Surya came home with a very frustrated face and was getting ready in a hurry manner. Before leaving the house, Surya said to vennela that " take care of you and Arun. I'll try to get home as soon as possible. Please be careful" he kissed on her forehead. Surya is reluctant to leave the house but he must go.....

Vennela was feeling very lonely. She had dinner and was ready to sleep. It was heavy raining 🌧️ that night. She was lying on the bed with Arun. The unknown loneliness haunts her. The thunder ⚡ was lightning 🌩 and the rain was getting bigger.

It was a nightmare vennela had woken up from, a scary nightmare, not the kind of nightmare that one just can sleep through. It was filled with blood and monster and ghost and sinster traps. It was almost as if it were real, it certainly felt that way. She suddenly felt something breathing down her neck..... She remembered that she had left the window open. But there was something strange with the smell of the airblowing through the window, it was normal. The nasty smells were mixtures of blood and death. The feeling of fear made her insecure and scared, she did not feel well and thought she would faint.

A person with an unknown face scared her like....


It yelled back, drowning out her final echos. She shudder again.

" Who are you?!" She yelled back

" I am You..... And you are I.... But only one of us can be" it replied

" What does that mean??" she replied.

She flinched and stepped back quickly as the dark haze rushed infront of her, rapidly filling her vision. She tried closing her eyes, knowing this was the end. She didn't want to see that face again. She couldn't do it, she only stared straight ahead as the face poked its way out of the mist. She weeps unknowingly.

Then she suddenly woken up from the bed and drank some water .....

She sat on the bed and was thinking like " Why is this happening to me? Who is that person ? 🤔 What it wants to say?

It is better not to think about this......"

Then she tried to lie down .....

Does this nightmare have any effect on her daily life? let's see what happens in the coming chapters.....
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