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A story I begun writing October 28, 2015, that I got inspiration for to make into something more than what it is. I’ll keep adding to the one chapter there is since it’s like a short story.

Horror / Romance
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One night on Halloween, a cry could be heard. It came from a house on the corner of the street. The cry came from a woman who just saw her child get murdered by a mysterious killer. With both her husband and child dead, she did the most reasonable thing. She ran. Feeling the house, she ran to the library, not thinking the killer was behind her.


She turned and saw a book on the ground open to a page. Her curiosity for the best of her and she looked at the page, gasping. It was the killer on the page, showing her who killed her family. Scared, she backed up and saw scratch marks on the bookcase.


Turning behind her, she saw the eyes of the man she once loved facing her before everything went black. A man stood still, looking at his wife's now dead body and grinned. Oh, how he loved this job. The man turned, his red eyes showed his bloodlust that was slowly getting bigger. "No one will catch me," He thought and laughed. He already killed six of his so-called wives. "Me, Allen, the greatest killer of all time!" He thought again, walking out of the library. In broad daylight now, he walked to a store. Inside he saw a beautiful girl with a smile, his new victim.


When Allen walked into the store, the girl looked up her name tag said, Allison. "Welcome to the Lu-" She started, but Allen shushed her. "You're beautiful," He announced, making her blush. "T-Thank y-you." She stuttered. Allen nodded and looked around. "Do you need anything, sir?" Allison asked. "Do have nails or some screws?" Allen asked while she nodded and showed him the nails. "Too bad I have to kill her," He thought sadly. Grabbing some nails, Allen went back to Allison to check out. She looked at him and asked, "Anything else, sir?" "Allen." He responded. "What?" She questioned. "Name's Allen," He said. She nodded. He leaned over and took her hand in his. "Allison, I know we just met but.." He started but looked away, trying to make it seems as if he was shy. "Yes?" She asked, her beautiful eyes stared into his. "Will you consider being in a relationship with me?" Allen asked rapidly. Allison stood shocked. It was dead silent. "Allen?" She asked, "I would." Allen smiled. He checked out and got her number. "See you later." He waved. Allison blew him a kiss and waved cutely. "Gosh, she's adorable," Allen moaned once he was outside. He walked home, wishing they could get the relationship done quickly. Ringing snapped him out of his thoughts as he answered it. "Hello?" He said.

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