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A thought

Horror / Thriller
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I cannot fight what is going on inside of me anymore. The world I know is a dying, infectious, bleeding pool of harm. I fear that not only my demons will reach me, but others will too. For I am born of darkness and light. And as I age the light begins to fade, and the darkness creeps up.

I fear that Mama Toosie was right. She would always say, in her deep sweet Louisiana accent.

“You can only tame the real you for so long baby, until it begins to crack. Then that’s when the world will see true destruction.”

She would die three years after telling me to find the source and I could ease my pain. Never understood what she meant, but now giving what’s going on with me, I get it now.

A Loud ear screeching noise is heard through the empty building, followed by the boisterous sound of thunder and lighting. Rain viciously starts pulverizing the ground with its deep fury. An unearthly feeling kicks me

“Fuck.” I say to myself.

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