An Elixir Of Zemblanity

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.Dear Readers......



When I first wrote this story I was only nine. Back then I had absolutely no idea something like Inkitt even existed. I only wrote for fun and mainly to satisfy myself by writing fanfiction about stories where I felt like if something was wrong and needed a different ending. I didn't care about spellings, grammar or anything related to writing.

But now I do.

When I first wrote this story, I didn't care about what was happening. I only cared about the love triangles and the explicit content. Everyone in the story looked overly good and the horror was only in the background which made the story even trashier. Well, now, after four long years: after I've entered those horrifying years of personality changes and edginess, my NEW thirteen year old self presents the re-written version of An Elixir Of Zemblanity.

Well, I've changed it a lot, and as you can see, this version is very, very different from what I wrote when I was nine. Therefore, It's time for me to give some warnings.


❌Blood Warning❌

The following story contains a great amount of blood, gore and disturbing acts.

❌Sexual themes❌

There are intimate scenes, some of which turn gruesome in short periods.

This story has explicit content.


The story contains depiction of cannibalism.

❌Minor Warning❌

This story, in no way promotes minor sexual activities; though the characters (underage) do engage in certain activities, it is not promoted at all. The characters in the story are younger than eighteen but are not below thirteen. Most are above sixteen (those who engage in sexual activities) which is the legal age in a lot of countries, but still, viewer discretion is required.

❌Abuse warning❌

The story does not promote abuse and if going through something similar, would prescribe contacting the authorities as soon as possible.

❌Alcohol Warning❌

The story does not promote usage of alcohol even if it has depictions of it.

❌Drug Usage❌

The story contains depictions of drug usage but does not encourage it.

✖✖Warnings and other things✖✖

- The place of incidence; the people; the incident itself along with everything in this story is completely fictional and out of the author's mind. Therefore, any similarities with dead, missing or alive people is a pure coincidence.

- No comments complaining about things for which warnings have already been given shall be tolerated. Therefore, read this page thoroughly to know what you're about to read.

✖✖How to read the story✖✖

I know. I know. You obviously know how to a bloody story, but please hear out what I have to say first.

The entire story is written from the perspective of the main character while the last two chapters aren't. Another thing. A lot of things can be confusing at some points but don't worry. It'll be cleared in the chapters following it.

✖✖Inspiration ✖✖

Swallow- Sam Smith

The Walking Dead


✔Shout Outs and Credits✔

These people have helped me out a lot in getting this out to the public. I thoroughly grateful to them and I always shall be. Thank you lots and lots.

Credit to @ForeverGustins on wattpad for making the cover of this book. ✔

Shout out to my editor for fixing those stupid mistakes I've made.✔

And yes, another thing. Don't start jumping on my spellings please. You see, I've spent an early part of my life in Britain, following which I moved to another country where British English receives way more importance than it's American version.

That's all for the preface, and happy reading guys!

Thank you.


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