Loving an Unlovable

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Generally you're not supposed to fall in love with your kidnapper, but that's exactly what happens between Alyanna and Luke. Is it a case of Stockholm Syndrome or is it really love?

Horror / Romance
khadija :)
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Chapter 1

I awoke with a sudden jolt, an electrifying spike ran through my body. It was a feeling like no other, the air was cold and harsh, my surroundings were bleak and desolate. I had no clue where I was. Water started trickling down from the europhicated ceiling. Gasping for breath, I ran my hands over my face to uncover that my head was covered in bandages. What had happened to me? Panic flew through me like a raging tsunami, my ragged breaths became forced as I tried to rip the blood-stained dressings off my face. Eventually, after countless minutes of forcing and ripping the gauze dropped off. I touched my face ever so slightly and came to the horrifying revelation that I had multiple cuts and bruises all over my face. I couldn't help but scream, I let myself scream till my throat was dry and my eyes were tear-stained. Where was I? Who did this to me? Wonder and curiosity panged through my brain as I lay on the concrete floor. As I lay there alone with my terrifying thoughts and dreams, a door opened in front of me. Without much thought, I sat up and stared at the figure in front me. He was wearing a mask, a black, skull mask. I gasped as he approached me slowly, looking down at him I realised he was holding a knife. Not just any knife though, a knife that looked as if it had seen the worst. It was covered in blood, a slight gleam reflected off it as the stranger circled around me. Far away in the distance, I heard a shrill scream. He bent down and caressed the nape of my neck. My body tensed as his coarse hands rubbed against my tender, bruised skin. " What do you want from me?" I inquired.

"I want your flesh, your soul, your pain" "That's what I want from you", he replied.

And with that, he kissed my neck slowly and walked out leaving me terrified.

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