Loving an Unlovable

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Chapter 2

As he walked out I was deserted with only a macabre painting on the wall to keep me company: a woman, she looked scared and helpless, blood ran down her wrists, behind her all hell broke loose. I got up and walked over towards the painting, slowly, I ran my bruised fingers across the woman's face. I peered closer and closer at the art, I squinted and took in every single detail of what was in front of me. A part of me felt as if I too was stuck in a lifeless painting. My life had been taken away from me as far as I knew, I had no clue as to where I was. Deep down, I wanted to scream again, scream until I couldn't scream any more. But I didn't want that man to come back again. Who was he? His mysterious aura provoked countless thoughts inside my brain. For some reason, I pitied him, when he walked around me I felt the sadistic vibe he gave off. I wanted to hate him for he had stole me away from my life and kept me hostage here, and yes, a part of me hated him but another part of me was so provoked to find out more about him. There had to be some reason for his actions, killers and kidnappers always have a motive. I looked at the steel door and figured that he probably wouldn't let me out for a while, so I decided to try and remember what had happened to me and why I was here. Shutting my sore eyes tightly, dozens of fazed thoughts sprinted through my brain. All I seemed to remember was the supermarket. For some reason, the fazed memory of the dull supermarket implemented itself into my brain and it wasn't letting go. I recall slowly strolling through the desolate aisles, my hands reaching out onto shelves to pick up essentials, the buzz of busy shoppers in the other lanes. And then I remember him, the way he strolled in the doors. It seemed as if he was just any other ordinary shopper, little did I know he was far from normal. As he walked past me, I stared at him slowly. Part of me was drawn to him for some reason. Yes, he was reasonably attractive, but it wasn't just his looks that hooked me and reeled me in closer, it was his ambiance. As I approached the cashier and unloaded my weekly shopping, he slowly came behind me. I noticed that he was extremely close to me, closer than he should be. But I didn't complain, in a way I wanted to be close to him. Whispering slowly to him I said, " Who are you?".

No reply came. I paid for my stuff and proceeded to leave the supermarket. I decided to brush it off and forget about the confusing occurrence that just took place. Without much thought, I turned my head to see he was right behind me, he didn't have any goods with him and it didn't seem as if he even had a car, yet he continued to follow me. " What the actual fuck is he doing?" I thought to myself. I quickened my pace and swiftly unloaded my shopping into my car. Egg cartons tumbled out my hands and pears fell onto the ground.

"Here you go, you dropped this". I looked up to see the man who had been following me with my pear in his offering hands.

"Uh.. thanks, I guess."

He turned away and started walking further from me. I breathed a sigh of relief as he left me. As I went to open my car door, I heard a man running towards me from behind; before I had the chance to turn and see what fate was coming for me, a sharp blow hit my head and the world began spinning. My eyelids started closing and before I knew it I was on the floor, unconscious.

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