Loving an Unlovable

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Chapter 3

That's all I remember really, I don't really recollect anything else. There was only one thing that bewildered me. I'd seen his face already, so why was he wearing a mask now? Was he simply trying to scare me? Or was it something entirely different? Before I had time to ponder, the steel door swiftly opened once again. I gasped as he walked in again, still wearing the mask. " You know, I remember you from the supermarket, there's no need to cover your face."

He laughed as he sat in the wooden chair in front of me, " Alyanna, you really have no idea do you?"

I sat back dumbfounded, " How do you know my name?, What do you want from me?"

"Too many questions, sweetheart."

Scoffing, I leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes, " You think you have ultimate control over me, you don't, you don't know what I'm capable of."

" I know everything there is to know about you Aly."

Before I could get a word in edge ways, he got up and left the grim room without saying anything. I stared as he left without reason, part of me was dismal that he'd left. Why did that part of me pity him? Why did that part of me want him so badly? I looked up to realise that he'd left the door open, did he want me to escape? Looking around, I felt as if the best thing to do was try to at least venture out and see where I was, to give me some sort of clarity. Maybe I'd even find a way out of this hell, but maybe I didn't want to find a way out. I hated to admit it but, this felt like home. I was so drawn to this man whom I knew nothing about. I craved him with every inch of my body. Every time he spoke, he left me breathless, a part of me ached for him, but a part of me also knew I couldn't stay here. So I stood up and walked to the door, I held onto the side frames and peered out. I was in one of the many rooms along the black corridor, a dim light forced illumination out. Spiders scuttled across the blood-stained floor, I looked out and continued to walk along the passageway. I came across another open door as my bruised legs forced themselves to continue exploring, inside the room was the mutilated corpse of a young woman. Her long, burnt-sienna hair was strewn across her body, limp arms were flung along the floor in a hap-hazard manner. I felt faint as I examined her rotting corpse, her legs had been cut off and tied to ropes that hung from the ceiling. Her chest had been sliced open and as I looked closer, her lungs and heart were gone. I had no doubt as to who did this to her, who else could it be? Backing away, I edged closer to the door and started running faster down the corridor, it seemed never-ending. It was like my legs were moving by themselves and I had no control over them, as I ran I looked into each open door. Some inhabited dead bodies, some were desolate and cold. At last, I reached the end of the corridor, I opened the door that lay in front of me and uncovered a gristly sight. Screaming, I fell onto my knees and sobbed. " What the hell?", I gasped. As I tilted my head up, I saw him and my eyes fell open.

He looked up at me and smiled, "Now you know what I'm capable of."

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