Loving an Unlovable

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Chapter 6

Luke woke up about an hour or so before me, I heard him walking around and picking things up but I was too tired to wake up. His bed was luxurious, it was the best night of sleep I'd had in ages. Originally, I only planned to take a nap with him but we ended up sleeping throughout the night. When I eventually woke up at around 8am, Luke had just walked out the shower and was coming to get dressed.
"Morning." I whispered, I had meant for it to come out loud but my throat was dry and I couldn't really speak.
"Hey you, you ok?"
I noticed he had another fresh cut on his back, "What happened?"
He suddenly looked annoyed and turned to face me, "It has nothing to do with you." His tone was sharp and intimidating. I decided not to probe further. Instead, I got up and grabbed a towel, " is it ok if I use your shower?"
Before I walked off to the steam-englufed bathroom he turned back round and held onto my arm, "Can I ask you something Aly?"
"Yeah, whatever."
" Do you not hate me? I mean, after all it was me who hit you on the head, kidnapped you, cut you a few times and kept you here against your will?
I sighed and looked up at him, " I should hate you,Luke. Actually right now I should be planning my escape from here, but for some reason, I'm so drawn to you. You make me feel safe, which sounds silly given my current situation but it's true."
" I-I love you Alyanna."
"What? Luke, you barely know me?"
" Yeah, I mean you're right. I don't love you, at all. Just go for your shower and leave me be." His tone sounded aggravated once again.
I left and locked the bathroom door behind me, what the hell had just happened between us? He loves me? Yes, he had just denied it but why did he just say it in the first place? My heart started beating violently and ten times quicker, my skin looked flushed and cold. What if I was falling in love with him too? He was so attractive. 6'3, gorgeous almond brown hair, captivating hazel eyes, a perfect, muscular body. He was amazing. Then I came back to my senses, was this simply a case of Stockholm syndrome? Maybe he was just trying to make me pity him. But if he was wouldn't he tell me about those mysterious cuts all over his body? God, I can't fall in love with my kidnapper. What am I going to do if I do? I peered around the bathroom as if I was looking for some sort of answer in the marble walls. He seemed affluent, apart from the dreary corridors and blood-stained rooms, his bedroom and bathroom were extremely modern.
Maybe the best thing to do was to just stop thinking about him completely. I took off my grimy clothes and stepped into the shower. As soon as the hot water hit my tender body, I felt an immense sense of relief. I never knew a shower could feel so good, however I couldn't help but think to myself, how would this shower feel if I were sharing it with Luke?
I knew it was wrong to think about him like that, it'd only make me fall for him even more. But I couldn't stop the thoughts.
Sometimes pleasure can be so painful.

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