Is This a Dream?

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A group of girls are trapped in an all girls school. They all have a special talent. They have to try and assassinate the mole.

Horror / Drama
Aki 🤠🤩
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The Kidnapping

I wake up in a cage. Confused and scared. Not knowing what is going on. I recall being in front of my school for my freshman year in college. I woke up with this book and a pen. I don’t know why. I’m writing in it if I’m missing. I see other girls. One has black hair with short hair, like a bob. She has bell bottom jeans and a striped yellow shirt with green eyes. I don’t know her name. We are just all staring at eachother, confused. I want to ask for their names, but I don’t remember mine. Maybe I’ll find it out later. All I’m really worried about is the fact I’m in a cage with a notebook and a pen.

My cage opened somehow. I hear a voice on the intercom it said, Hello ladies, you must all be wondering why you’re here. Great question! *laughs maniacally* I want to play a little game. Simple rules. You need to find the mole. I am the mole. But, the thing is that you don’t know how I look or what my name is. You can call me the mole. If you think you found the mole, you have to assassinate them. If you are wrong, there will be consequences. What type you asked? By executions. *everyone gasps* If you guys guess the mole, you get to escape. Oh! There is no way out without guessing the mole.”

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