Is It Something To Be Afraid Of?..

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I was just normal child. Mental illness or...something else took over my mind and body. What I hear and maybe see is what gives people the chills. There is one question I ask myself everyday. "Is It Something To Be Afraid Of?"

Horror / Mystery
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The Horrific Start..

"I was a pretty perfect , or you could say normal child. I said I was. It all started when me and my family moved into our new house. It was not new actually. We had lived in that house about 5 years ago as well. We moved out. The biggest mistake was moving in again. The house was pretty old. Atleast 10-15 years old. From the outside , you could say it was a proper haunted house. Broken walls , worn - our wallpaper , spider webs and all. It was all just because the house was old. The main thing was....the second floor. The house had 2 floors. We lived on the first floor. The owner of the house lived on the 2nd floor. They only lived there for about a few months. They went to another city afterwards. We , the tenants , were living a pretty normal life on the 1st floor. That was before I heard ....that. My cousin and my mother were talking while me and my sister had our earphones on while listening to some music. They thought we couldn't hear them. They were wrong. I overheard them talking. My mother said one thing I would never forget and while writing this alone , still in the same house , I'm terrified. She said :

"Dont you know? This house dosent belong to Mrs. Brown. There was another family living here that built the house. Their daughter was handicapped. She was engaged and was about to get married. A few weeks before her wedding , she died in a crazy car crash. The room downstairs , the "Haunted Storage Room" as the kids all it , belonged to her. Her family moved out of there. After that Mr. & Mrs.Brown moved in."

I was so scared. Well I always believed in ghost's and stuff. Nothing really happend. Until I fell sick.

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