Is It Something To Be Afraid Of?..

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The Real But Unreal Dream...

I was running away from gunshots. Jumping , crawling , running! Doing anything I could to get away from those criminals who broke in. Wait? What is that?! Is it....! A person dressed in all white started coming towards me. The gunshots stopped. It seemed as if the criminals were not there anymore. I was confused. Who was the person who was coming towards me and what happend to the criminals? The person , standing right in front of me , in a very calm voice said "Open The Door". I was confused. Who is he and what is he talking about?! Is this even real or is it- Wait a minute! Where did the person go? What is happening? Then I slowly opened my eyes and woke up in a horror! It was a dream! My parents and sister were still sleeping so I quietly got up and went downstairs. I opend the "Haunted Kitchen Room". As soon as it opened a very weird aroma filled the whole floor. I closed the door immediately! I went upstairs and went to my bed quietly , trying not to wake anyone up. The whole day I kept wondering what was that dream? Why did the person in my dream tell me to "Open the door"?. I guess we'll never know. Or will we?

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