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Zombies. Nasty creatures, aren't they? Smelly, nightmarish beings that are always shuffling about, looking for some poor unfortunate human to eat. That's not the case for the much pampered and much admired Lady Josephine Bearer and the good people of Geisterwelt, a place where death and decay are the very height of fashion. Caught during the start of a catastrophic apocalypse, Lady Josephine and her family are faced with a horrifying dilemma: Humans! Now stuck between rock and a hard place, she must find a way to hide the humans while maintaining her place in the city's undead society.

Horror / Humor
Ashley Turner
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Welcome, Friends Part 1

How strange it all was when I first met them. You see, they didn’t like me at first glance and who can blame them. One look at me would have anyone scared out of their wits. For one, the skin around my mouth is gone, showing only my rotted teeth and jaw. My eyes are beautiful and round, but they are white and clouded and sunken into the my face. My skin, from the top of my head to the very soles of my feet are pale, sullen, and peeling. Although I am rotting, I am not, by any means, a rotten person. But you’re probably wondering to yourself who is this person that is talking to you. Please let me introduce myself. I am the Much Pampered and Much Admired Lady Josephine Bearer, and I am a reanimated corpse, or as it is so commonly known as, a zombie. It’s quite unlike anything one has ever experienced before. My flesh is decomposing and some of my limbs are falling, but I do not an any way, shape, or form shuffle about or consume human flesh. That is quite unladylike. The very idea of putting human skin into one’s mouth is upsetting. And the taste is just down right dreadful!

I reside in a city called Geisterwelt. It’s a wonderful place to live, filled with, well, creatures like me, of course. My husband and I know nothing of the world outside of our own. But when the humans came, that is when things began to get most wonderfully interesting. It was a most distressingly hot summer when the world of the living fell apart. Apparently, as the story goes, some poor chap was foolishly meddling around in some laboratory, mixing and experimenting with some rather nasty viruses. Well, as you know, it was only a matter before all hell broke loose and the zombie apocalypse started. Not very clever on the humans’ part. But then again, nothing they do is smart, the poor dears.

In any case, I suppose one has to learn from one’s mistakes. Even if that mistake is creating hundreds of flesh-eating zombies. As millions succumbed to the chaos that surrounded them, it was just another ordinary day for I and my husband. That day we awoke to the sound of the city outside our house. I love to look out my window just as the maids are cleaning my room. Our house was one of the fine homes overlooking the square on Dead End Avenue. Only the very elite were permitted to live on this street. I am surrounded by the beauty of wilting flowers and deteriorating gardens of the parks down below. It is all most extraordinary! Below I can see the shops, cafés, and vendors opening to the public. I was very eager to start the day for it was to be a special one, so I had my maid, Alma, dress me. I still wore the fashions that existed during the time of my death: the long flowing dresses of Belle Époque with a variety of shawls, feathers, and shoes. It was such a fantastic time until The Great War. Once dressed, I ventured downstairs, hurrying passed our housekeeper Frau Fraulig, supervising the servants on my way to breakfast.

"Guten Morgen, milady.” she said. “You didn’t have to come downstairs. Alma should’ve brought your breakfast.”

“Good Morning.” I said, sighing. Frau Fraulig and Alma didn’t see eye-to-eye most of the time. “Is everything ready for tonight?”

“Of course, milady.” she replied.

I traveled downstairs, passing by the to the

“Hello, my love.” he said as I arrived in the dining room. He put down his morning paper to give me my daily morning kiss. A sensual, little tradition of ours.

“Good morning, Paul.”

“Good morning, my love.”

Our three daughters, Frederica, Georgette, and Alicia, all sat around the table. Such little dears, dressed in their matching green dresses that highlight their pale, rotting little faces. Breakfast was nothing extravagant here at home. Only the finest animal carcasses, dressed in sauce and an assortment of rotted fruits served on my family’s fine crockery. As I sat down at my end of the table, drinking my morning tea, I gazed at my husband. His face was deep in thought as he looked at his newspaper.

“Anything interesting in the papers today, my love?” I asked.

Paul scoffed. “Fat chance, my dear.” he said. “There’s nothing in here but gossip. It appears that another one of the Cadavers outrageous parties have made it in here.”

I rolled my eyes until one of them popped out and rolled towards the feet of our butler, Mortis. The thought of that silly little family was enough to make one’s head spin! The Cadavers are my family’s social rivals. And oh, how I detest them. No sense of decorum whatsoever to come from their extravagance. They’re vulgar and crude! And to think that their unsightly house is right across the street from mine! Dreadful! I have half a mind to ring up every newspaper in the city and give them the awful details about what really goes on there, but not before I have the city council plant some very tall trees to block their home from my view.

“But look here, Josie!” Paul said. He got up from his seat and rush towards me, waving the newspaper in the air. “Look at what the humans have done!”

“I’m not amused at anything those creatures do.”

“No, look!”

Humans are monsters, plain and simple. Nothing they do is worth bothering the press about. I’d rather read more about that lecherous family across the street. However, I’m not one to pass up a good intrigue, so naturally I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Not-so-surprisingly, the humans have somehow screwed up again with their latest craze. The virus they’ve unleashed in an underground lab is ravaging the planet, creating more zombies.

“How horrible, Mummy!” said Frederica. “Those poor humans!”

I scoffed at my daughter. Out of the three of them, Frederica has always had a soft spot of the living, that it worries me at times for her delicate disposition. My other daughters soon followed her in her sympathetic nature.

“Never pity the living, my little dears.” I replied. “If they didn’t learn from their countless other atrocities, I doubt they would learn this one. Come on, girls. We mustn’t delay another minute.”

“Where are you going?” Paul asked.

“I simply must get to the shops before anyone else.” I said. “Have you forgotten that we’re to host a party this evening?”

“I nearly forgotten, I did.” he replied. “I’ll go with you. There are some things I have in town anyway.”

I was stopped by Mortis who held out his hand, displaying my fallen eye. “Your eye, My lady.”

“Thank you, Mortis.”

We all dressed in our coats and all piled into the car. The girls were seated with their nanny each in their matching blue coats and hats. However, the bloodiest thing happened. As we drove to the central part of town, the gates were open. In case you were wondering, a set of black iron gates stood paramount at the top of the Surface, surrounded by a large cemetery and a thick fog to conceal our charming little city. The gates serves as a portal separating Geisterwelt from the world of the living. Frederica was the one to noticed it firsthand.

“Look, Mummy!” she exclaimed, pointing her little bony finger. “Can we see what the humans are up to?”

“Certainly not, Frederica!” I exclaimed. “Sit down at once before someone sees you!”

“I want to see the humans, too, Mama.” said Georgette.”

“Me, too!” Alicia exclaimed.

My poor daughters. If they only knew of the dangers of what was beyond the Surface. Who knows what those insufferable humans are capable of!

“The living isn’t ready for three special little girls like you all.” said Paul.

“Why not, Father?” Georgette asked.

“It’ll have to take them some getting used to you first, my little dove. But don’t worry I’m sure they’ll love three little angels like you”

Finally, we reached the center of town, and oh, how I love those long boulevards and avenues of shop after shop, restaurant after restaurant. The streets were a beautiful contrast to the tiny, yet elegant section that I am accustomed to. And the noise! I relish in the noise! So many cars and carriages on every block with many of the dead strolling down and around this very area. And at night, these streets lit up like thousands of diamonds. I love this city, and I wouldn’t want to live in any other place.

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