The house on fall street

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This story is long, dark and nothing put creepy. She clouded in dark but when she found this boy it's nothing but love and survival.

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The house

HI, my name is Jake and I am new to this city. My mom and my dad divorced. My mom wanted a new start. So here I am In this broke down car with my broke down phone listening to music while my mom smiles and laugh and giggle. "Mom why do we have to move I have friends and a good life where we was at." I said but her always favorite lines is " to have a great life you have to have a great start." We finally arrived at the house I nice, big and white with red flowers. Afther 3 hours of cleaning and unpacking I rode my bike and explore my neighborhood. I stop at the ugliest and darkest house at the end of the neighborhood. I wanted to go and look on the windows but I going to do at night so nobody see me. When I got back at home eat and sleep until 12pm that when my plan starts. My mom was asleep I creep out of the door and rode on my bike with a flashlight. I look through the windows and it was boarded up. So I turned the door knob of course it was locked.

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