There's something wrong with my new home

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The story is about a man who moves into his new home to discover it has a dark history behind it

Horror / Thriller
Anthony Richmond
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There's something wrong with my new home

Hi, my names John I'm 37 years old and I'm about to tell you the first time I've experienced the paranormal. It was May 2, 2005, when I moved into my new home. I moved to a small house 8 blocks from a town called Abbeville, It has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, an amazing kitchen, a huge backyard, and the stairs were going in circles The homeowner "said" so what do you think, ill take it.

When the homeowner showed me around the house we went outside she told me the history of the house she "said" you know this house has been up since the 1920s and owned by a very rich man but as you can see we added few improvements. when she was about to finish talking about the house at the corner of my I see an African American woman look like she was in her 70s and she was just standing there with this look of disgust then she replied, there are spirits in that house... vengeful spirits, She said that 5 times I looked at the homeowner in chuckled but when I looked back to see the old woman she was gone like just gone.

I never really believed in the paranormal but that old woman said something that I remember, my mom always believed there was a place you go after you leave this life and I always believe that you just won't exist anymore don't get me wrong it sounds terrifying but that's just my opinion, It has been 2 weeks since I moved in the house the time was 5:34 pm I was in the living room watching A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. A few minutes later I got up walked to the kitchen to get some food, while I was walking out the kitchen at the corner of my eye I saw a door by the bottom stairs, I was very confused because this door was not here when I was with the homeowner so I decide to check it out.

As I opened the door a huge smell just smacked right at my face, The scent was so bad it smells like something died and it was completely dark, Soon as I sat my foot on that first step the sound from the wind and tv upstairs everything just went silent now that freaked me out. As I was going downstairs I pulled out my phone turned on the flashlight and there was just old furniture like it was made in the 1900s, There was an old record player, A south bend pocket watch, but then I was thinking how much money I could get for selling all those items. while I was taking pictures of these items, I heard a "BANG" sound like a gunshot I turned so fast I almost fell to the floor as I turned to see where that sound came from there was another area of the basement looked like a small room. when I walked inside the other area it looked like a gambling room and the air was getting thicker it was getting hard to breath, The room had violins, guitars and more instruments you could imagine. while I was looking at these instruments I heard a chuckle.

When I heard the laugh I turn to see where it came from there was an old black suit with a hat hanging on the wall and dirty brown shoes on the floor so I'm like wtf at this point now I'm really freaking out because that wasn't there when I walked in but then I heard that chuckle again at that moment I was like fuck this. I ran upstairs like I was running to my mother all of a sudden the door slammed in my face I failed downstairs in hit my head on the ground, while I was getting up at the corner of my eye I see a man wearing the suit that was on the wall.

The man was an African American who looked like he could be in a gang he had black rings around his eyes, fresh beard then he chuckled even louder so I got up ran upstairs and slammed that door soon as I turned around the door was gone. The next day I went to the living room got on my laptop to check the history of this place, The research explains in 1920 the house was owned by a man named mike Henson he was a notorious gangster, Very rich and killed people. His favorite thing to was gambling, It explained one night he beat a man named Q, Mike laughed at him like the laugh I heard in the basement, He took all of Qs money they were both fightings so Q took his gun out and shot Mike Henson in the head. one month later I packed up my things in gave up the house, now I'm really interested in the paranormal and what the other life will be like.

"there's something wrong with my new home"

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