The queen

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The queen is just a young girl with a lot to take care of. She has got to rule her whole kingdom but, she's not allowed to see it. She is trapped inside her palace with no one but her mean sister and her nurse that follows her 24/7. She is known as the insane queen as she has some issues that nobody but her understands. She finally sees her escape from reality when she sees a small window that wasn't there before.

Horror / Fantasy
Bunny Hunt
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The Queen's Dream

The queen was never seen by a single soul other than her parents and sister. She kept her face covered when she was leaving the palace. She kept her face hidden behind a mask (with a big smile on it)and kept her skin covered with her long clothes. She even wore a veil at times just for extra coverage. Her parents made sure that no one saw her except for them and of course her older sister, Lora. Her older sister was not queen because the people decided she was unfit. This has caused her to harbor some inflicted feelings towards her younger sister.

So the young queen was forced to be queen at 16 once both of her parents died in their sleep by a strange illness. Since then the poor queen had to carry on the responsibilities but with the help from her sister it made it more manageable. Her sister loved helping out with the responsibilities as it made her feel as though she was queen and was beloved by all.

Most of the time the queen would sit away locked in her room. During these times she would do something to keep her busy but this time was different. This time she was staring at her bedroom door from the comfort of her bed,She had started at the door as if she was blinded by a bright light. In a way she couldn’t see them but she knew they were there. She felt their presence there and it terrified her. The eerie presence of them makes her shake from terror every single time they come. The feeling would at times last for hours at a time and every time they came she tried her best to keep still. The queen had thought that if she had moved too much something terrible would happen to her. Because of this the queen kept still and stared at the door.

She could hear their faint voices calling out her name as her tired eyes began to close shut for the night. She snapped them back open not trusting the fact that they were still near her, watching her and not doing anything, so she couldn’t sleep now. Now where they were peering into her she couldn’t let her defenseless self in front of them while they were there. There were times where she stood awake for a few days just because their presence would not go away. They came about randomly and left the same way they entered. The presences suddenly disappeared as quickly as it came and the queen could finally relax. She felt her heavy eyes shut as she fell into a peaceful slumber. The queen was able to dream but her dreams suddenly became nightmares. It was a nightmare she couldn’t wake up from.

When she finally woke up from her ending nightmare and had sweat dripping down her forehead. She couldn’t remember what she was so scared of. She can only remember the fear she experienced throughout. The fear that lingered in my mind even though the nightmare was long forgotten. The fear became too much as she felt a warm liquid spill from under her. The queen got up from her bed to change the now wet silk sheets and changed her nightgown. Her embarrassment was great and she felt nothing but shame drown her entire body. She lays on her bed and close her eyes. When she could not fall asleep she tries to do other things.

To erase her dark emotions she thinks of light things that would bring a smile to her face. She thinks of her books where she would spend hours reading. Her favorite book in particular was called ‘The Love of a Rose’. It was a romantic story of a princess that was rescued from the clutches of a horrible witch.

She loved rereading that book over and over again. It made her believe that one day she would find her prince. After all she is queen. It's only a matter of time till she finds her own prince. A king if you will. With this the Queen drifts off to sleep

It watches me

Alone in the room where no one to be trusted and where all alone.

Darkness swarmed over like a tsunami indoors.

Being scared and paranoid inside the place where I’m supposed to be safe.

My room is no longer safe and is penetrated by it.

The illness I seem to have is taking me over slowly as I do nothing but wait for the impending destination.

The world seems to turn as the shadow draws near.

No one else seems to see the darkness within but me.

I can’t see but I feel it and it is drawing over me now.

I’m scared to escape the comfort of my covers as it seems it can not touch me here.

Underneath the warm and dark covers I am safe.

It can’t touch me here.

It’s not if it can touch me

It’s not if it can grab me

It’s if it can see me

It watches me

Even underneath the untouchable place it watches it prey

I shake under their watch nobody else can see

My heart beats faster underneath their watch

They see me as I type and know everything about me

It watches and learns all

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