Lucid Chaos

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As dreams rip their way to reality, those caught between them may either enlightened or their minds shall be corrupted.

Horror / Mystery
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Der Schattenmann

There I stood, under a street light. The town was empty, devoid of color. As rain poured upon the stone road, rats scurried across the ally ways and crows flew across the thundering sky. Thunder rumbled and shook the sky. Anguish filled the clouds that forever concealed the sun. Sorrow filled each raindrop that fell from the grieved clouds, colliding against the forever crippled earth. However, something ever so disturbing revealed itself from the depths of the darkness. A long clawed hand came from darkened ally, the skin decayed, and the fingers long and gangly. The figure then revealed itself from the shadows. It was a tall figure in a trench coat with a top hat. However it did not seem to have eyes, just a wide grin the spread across its face, a toothy smile that could not seem to be erased. It faced me, and reached out his long clawed arm and pointed while saying,

"As chaos reigns and order falls, smoke arises upon the horizon as he calls. Beware, for he enjoys taste of man, beware of Der Schattenmann." My legs went numb, as my mind went blank. As I fell upon the stone road, I awoke in my bed in sweat. Thank god, it was a dream. I thought to myself, until the silence was yet broken.

"And you are not waking up." I looked over to see the figure next to my bed. My eyes then rolled back into my head and I could feel blood rushing from my sockets.

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