The Sins of minds

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This following words I say is a reality I have lived in. Grow up within the dark bloodline of society. I written this as is my hell I have been in, the age of 6. ACIXIBC.

Horror / Thriller
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In the time I was young little boy, understanding this world become. 1997, a year I’ll never forget about my life. I given my life up around age 4 because I had it with bullies. So I called out the devil for help, not knowing the truth of his appearance. I lost my soul that ended up in a dark squared cage that I have no clue there then I was into. Terrified that I’ll never be back.

This creature demon came to the cage and tell me a million words I couldnt understand but knowing I am cursed. Then the demon silencely said you are something in time and end. I was scream my lungs out for my mother but I was far inside hell. Felt helpless that time. 32 hours in hell is 1 hr in reality. This was first start that end up feeling burns inside my body And falling to the ground hearing voices louder then the winds. My doctor couldn’t understand that I was in progress to be possessed by devils.

I had 18 govnor demons and 666 demons legions and a 6 elite devils, full in a pentagram of Lust and soul stone in blood. With this creatures inside my temple spirit hold me strength and speed. I felt beyond of others and different in form. Age 7 to 8 I learn hells pathways and the sins, orders and laws of hell. I was Crown in a Lust Prince on earth. As once again rebirth this world to lustful and destruction of mankind.

I’ll tell my dreams and reality in order as much I can. Because I am still fighting my dark minds and thoughts of this dark sector I was in.

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