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A girl goes missing. Fifteen years later, her parents get a mysterious phone call her. They listen in fear when they realise she's still the same age as when they killed that dark night years ago.

Horror / Thriller
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Regan was her name. The youthful girl, who had her life ahead of her. Like a dream, she had drifted from the room, and like a dream, she seemed unreal, and like a dream, she was gone in the blink of an eye.

"Marc, where are you! I need a hand with the groceries!" Lilith exclaimed as she stumbled in with several designer pouches.

"Lil, I- " Marc replied before he was cut off.

"I got more for my collection!" she whispered in excitement.

”Lilith, I've told you more than enough times, you need to stop spending. We have barely enough for groceries."Marc said in worrying tone.

"It was just one last time, don't be such a buzz kill Marc. " Lilith replied again, not even bothering to use a different excuse.

It was the third time, this week that Lilith had risked getting their cover blown. They were in hiding since it happened. Since the ‘last’ accident they caused. The couple barely managed to make it out without getting caught. Lilith had him hostage. She had Eden, the restaurant’s waiter, abducted. The fine young waiter who rejected her offer to work for him. She had a keen eye for young people and when he turned down her request, her mind took over once again.

This wasn't the first time she'd done something of the sort. Her mind fooled her into it. She couldn't help it, no matter how hard she tried. It was like her mind and heart we're of different species. The screams of those in torment and agony were all that seemed to relieve her. The deafening screeches of pain and misery.The cries of unbearable anguish. The splatters of blood that left her prey unrecognisable.The dripping of crimson-red fluid which urged her to go on. It was like motivation to her, telling her to continue.

So strong that it worked on her like the manipulation of drugs. While Marc had always been there to protect her and conserve her to keep her hidden, because that's what partners do, right? At first, what they did benefited them greatly, but as time went on their objective seemed to lose its importance. They began to lack purpose.

She’d been causing all sorts of trouble while Marc tried his best to cover it up, with the small income they made. But that wasn't his only technique for cleaning up Lilith's troubles. The hard part was acting in front of the officers.

"Yes sir, we found his dead body by the lake, his limbs were dissected and we saw them floating in each corner of the lake."

And what to say if you were ever deemed suspicious, well you have a quiet talk with the police officer on the coastal bay river which happened to be exactly where the body was found and well, looks like someone slipped.

" Oh well, mistakes happen."

" Now where is the other officer? "

" Lilith could be deemed as a psychopath or sociopath or a person of dissociative personality disorder, regardless

she's a killer.”

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