I'm Monster Too (Original)

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Mia Blake was very young when her parent's were murdered but the murder forgot to murder her. Skip to her first day at her college. She is sharing a dorm room with the daughter's killer, who is coming to finish off the job that her father had not finished. Mia found out when the girl dropped her diary with the key in her room and did not notice that's when she found out. She want's to beat her at her own game. Will she make it out alive but not finish the job? Will she become insane? Will she die in the process? Will she be successful? Find out by reading the book! Enjoy! -Kassidy~

Horror / Other
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I heard my mom's screams and she yelled our code for 'get help.' I slowly opened the door to my mother's room and closed it, locking it. I called 911 on the phone. "Hello 911 what's your emergency?" "Mommy screamed and said our code to get help. You need to come now." I said, "Sweetheart how old are you?" The woman said. "4," I whispered. "And do they know you are upstairs?'' "No." "What's your address?" "401 Lake Road." "Okay, help is coming stay on the line okay but hide." "Okay.." I mumbled. I hid in Mommy's secret area for emergency's. "I'm scared," I said to the lady on the phone. I was not crying though because mommy always told me in a bad situation like this to stay calm. So they can't hear you. "It's okay the police are almost there."
After A Long Feeling 5 Minutes
"Put your hands up it's the police!" I also remember hearing some officers yell to me "Little girl don't come out till we say to!" I already hanged up because the lady told me to. Then I remember being at the hospital with my Mom's siblings my aunt my other aunt and my uncle. But then when the doctor told my aunt's and uncle something by whispering I heard it when I was not supposed to. "Mommy and daddy are g-gone.." I had tears rolling down my face. "No! Mommy and daddy are not gone! your lying please tell me your lying." I looked at the doctor and everyone in that area looked at me with guilt. My uncle leaned down next to me. "The lady is not lying." I hugged him and started crying harder. "We will be okay pumpkin." He hugged me back. "Did they catch the bad guys?" I whisper to my uncle so he could only hear. He looked at me and shook his head. "They will pay." "They will pumpkin." He said. "They will pay for what they have done," I whispered to myself. "Even if it means killing.." I mumbled. "Did you say something?" m

~Omg, I loved writing this so far. You will find out her name in the next chapter. But um I will start writing the next part since the prologue was short. Also, I will try to post a part every 2 days or Mabey 3 days the latest we will see. But um Another chapter coming out in an hour or two! or more who knows writing takes time but anyway have a lovely day! And please don't steal my original work even though people probably will it's rude because It took a while for me to think of the plot and etc.~
~Love Kassidy~
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