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The year eleven history group at Lowerstof High who are introduced to an archaeologist all the way from L.A. to do an archaeological dig at Ghostly Hill for duration of two months and they have chosen their history group to assist them with their dig. Joe and Mark are very excited about their trip to Ghostly Hill and hope to find lots of old skeletons whilst they are there. Their first few days on the excavation go slow until they stumble upon an old derelict police station. Joe decides to return to the police station dragging his best friend Mark along with him to do some digging of their own. They entre cell thirteen ignoring the writing on the wall digging the ground of the cell to produce a tatty brown box which they take back to Joe’s tent and open to discover a sheepskin book which is bound by vampire looking teeth they prize open the book to read it and the consequences of doing so are soon revealed in the months of their stay.

Horror / Thriller
Emma Louise
Age Rating:

Chapter One


It was early September, and every one had returned to high school. And they had begun year eleven, the last year at Lowestoft High.

With only six months left to their G.C.S.E’s they had to knuckle down and work hard to get the grades that they wanted.

It was late afternoon and the last class of the day and all the year elevens had grow weary by now, and they all just wanted to go home. They had entered their history lesson and were restless this lesson was so cliché they all just wanted to pack up and go home. But this term would be different for these students things were going to go from dull and very boring to very interesting.

They all sat down talking.

Miss Faulkner entered the room. ‘Right guys settle down have a special guest. One I’m sure that all of you will be interested in. He’s all the way from America.’

They all turned sitting silently.

A male with short hair, and facial hair walked in.

‘Class this Kelvin he’s an archaeologist all the way from America.’

Miss Faulkner stepped back so that he could stand centre stage.

‘Right I’m Kelvin Morrison, from New Jersey. I am an archaeologist working for the U.S. government. I have under gone many explorations and digs over the world finding different artefacts. Many of the bones are from different eras. I have been posted here to find prehistoric bones and artefacts, but for this I need volunteers to join me and my team. Your school came very high on the list and in particular this class. The letters will be handed to you after the lesson. This is not just for one day it will last the duration of two months we will be camping on sight so make sure you pack plenty. The dig will take place on Ghostly Hill the other side of London. We will be travelling a week from today.’

‘Thanks Kelvin.’ She looked at the class. ‘We will need these permission slips in by the end of the week.’

The bell rang for end of the day.

‘Right class on your way out Kelvin will pass you all a letter. Bring them back signed to our next class.’

They all pulled themselves up out of their chairs swinging their bags over their backs taking a letter as they left the room.

‘Great can’t wait.’

‘You like this stuff Joe?’

‘Of course I’m interested in all old bones, finding how long they’ve been buried for. It’s just so exciting.’

‘What about your mom? Think she can handle being without you for two whole months?’

‘I hope so I really want to go.’

‘He was kind of cute.’

‘You’re gross Caitlin he’s like thirty.’

‘So he’s got a sexy accent.’

‘You think any ass in jeans is sexy.’

They laughed walking out of school.

Joe walked into the house closing the door behind him. ‘You never guess what mom?’ He said walking into the lounge.

‘What Joe.’

‘Our class has been selected to go on an archaeological dig.’


‘In a week.’

‘How long for?’

’He swallowed. ‘Two months.’

Her face dropped.

‘Here’s the letter.’ He said passing it to his mom.

She took it off him reading in word for word. ‘It’s a long time.’

‘I know, but it’s something I really want to do.’

‘You’re saying that you’re into this kind of stuff?’

‘Yes I am.’

‘Well at least it’s free; all you’ve got to do is take a tent, clothes, and camping equipment.’

‘So can I go?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Please we’ll be well supervised.’

‘I’ll think about it.’

‘It’s got to be in by Friday mom.’

‘I’ll tell you Thursday then.’

‘Okay.’ He sighed, slumping down onto the sofa.


‘So you’re mom sign?’

‘Not yet she said she had to think about it.’

‘Mine did. She said at least it would be quiet in the house for two months. Without me constantly talking.’

‘What about your parents Caitlin have your parents signed?’

‘Yeah I was talking with the other guys their parents have signed too.’

‘Great only mine that hasn’t.’

‘Don’t worry Joe she will.’

‘Here you go Joe.’

He looked at his mom. ‘You signed it?’

‘Yes. I spoke to some of the other parents they seem to think it will be a good experience, and so do I.’

‘Thanks mom.’ He said taking the acceptance slip off her. ‘I’ll see you later mom.’

He kissed her cheek. ‘Thanks mom, bye mom.’

She smiled. ‘Bye Joe.’

He closed the door behind him smiling all the way to school.

‘I take by the Cheshire cat on your face, your mom said yes.’


‘Cool. We can group up.’


They all walked into their History class sitting down, listening to Miss Faulkner go on.

The bell rang for the end of class, a sigh of relief echoed across the room, and their faces as they pulled themselves up throwing their bags onto their backs.

‘Right class hand in your acceptance slips on the way out.’

They all passed Miss Faulkner their acceptance slip. ‘Nice to see you’re going Joe. I know this stuff interests you more than what we learn in the class.’

She took the acceptance slip off Mark. ‘You too Mark we all know you and digging.’ She smiled.

They smiled as they passed.

‘What was all of that about? Digging and how does she know?’

‘She used to work at our old primary school; she was one of our teachers. I dug up the entire playing field.’

‘I remember that. You took a metal detector up there hoping that you’d find something up there and all you found were rusted cans and stuff.’


‘Yeah the head was pissed. They had to re-turf.’

‘You’re mom wasn’t too pleased either. She ended up paying for it to be done.’

‘Yeah she did.’ He laughed. writing here…

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