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Chapter Thirteen



‘Right kids you’ll be happy to know that we will be discovering your history tomorrow, by going down into the underground tombs, which are situated in the coves at the perimeter of the forest. So be prepared to take a note book and pen. But for today we’ll be discovering the hidden City.’

‘Where’s that Kelvin?’

‘We are not quite sure. It is believed to be close to the church, but that we are un-certain of. So are we all ready?’

‘Yes!’ They bellowed.

‘Follow me.’

They all followed suit, following Kelvin out of the campsite. They walked through the woods chatting in excitement.

‘So where is this place Kelvin?’

‘Not far. We are hoping it’s just past those trees.’


They all walked over the gravelled pavement, passed the church heading through the trees. Where a Hotel, and a few shops lay.


‘Well at least we know that we will have somewhere to hide out if we have any bad weather.’

‘Can we take a look around?’

‘We sure can.’

They groups escalated round the shops, stepping in to each of them where fully clothed skeletons were propped up against the serving desks.

‘Do you think they made this place looks like this to attract visitors?’

‘Well noticed Joe. It does feel and look that way. We understand that they were here to impress those that stayed at the hotel, or were passing through. I am not exactly sure if the road still exits. Some weird stuff happened here around the late seventies, and early eighties.’

‘Like what Kelvin?’

‘Interesting that you ask that Joe. We’re not quiet sure. It was believed that those who came out here didn’t leave.’

‘So where are they?’

‘We do not have any answer to that. We believed that they died, but not from natural causes.’


‘Don’t be gross Joe.’

‘Right we’ll take a break for lunch then venture into the Hotel to se what mysteries that we can find in there.’

They all walked into the centre sitting down around the water fall eating their lunch.

‘Right guys let’s take a look round this hotel shall we?’

‘What’s it like in there?’

‘It has nine floors with many rooms to each. We’ll split into our groups once we’re in and take a floor each.’

They all walked over to the hotel. ‘Ghostly hill hotel.’ Written in a gothic scripture.

Kelvin opened the doors. ‘Come on guys. And remember once we’re in we split into our groups and discover each of its floors.’

They all stepped in, Kelvin closed the hotel’s door. They entered the large lobby, dusted with cobwebs. Large dusted marbled floors.

‘Three hours guys, let’s go.’

The groups separated, footsteps echoed up the many stairs of Ghostly Hill Hotel. Doors opened to its many rooms. Skeletons laid in many of its high class rooms. ‘Cool.’

‘Sure is Joe. We never expected this.’

They all continued looking round.

Servo entered the master suite. The door closed behind him. He stared questionly at the dark haired, dark eyed males wondering what ever they were doing there, and why they weren’t with the rest of their group.

The samurai’s blade sliced neatly through Servo’s body peering out of his skull, the next through his back and through his mouth, his blood chocking him. The blood seeping out of his blooded toothed mouth and down his chin.

‘Nice knowing you Servo.’

The door closed behind them.

Everyone had met in the lobby. ‘Are we all here?’

‘All apart from Servo.’

‘Has anyone seen him?’

‘No sir.’

‘Great. What floor was he on?’

‘The third Sir.’

‘Come on let’s take a look.’

They leaped up the stairs up to the second floor, hoping to find Servo. Alive.

They searched the entire second floor meeting at the centre. Mr. Norman turned the door handle, the door opened.

Many screamed at the boy with the samurai’s through his mouth and skull, blood trickling out of his mouth and down his chin, blooded teeth.

‘Oh shit.’

‘We best get out of here.’

‘What about him?’

‘He’s dead, just look at his eyes.’

‘But how’s he?’

‘I don’t know. Let’s just go!’

They all turned walking away. Joe’s arm placed round Caitlin comforting her.

They all arrived back at the camp sitting down. ‘Right kids we’re all sorry for your friend and the way that we found him. We will all understand if you’d prefer to cut your stay short.’

‘No we’d like to carry on.’

‘Only if you’re sure.’

Mr. Norman looked at the class. ‘You’re all okay with this decision aren’t you? If you’re not we can all go home.’

‘We’d like to stay, despite of all the weird stuff we’re finding it really interesting. If that’s alright with you sir.’

‘Are you all sure?’

Joe looked across the class, they all agreed. ‘Yeah we would.’

‘Right we’ll stay till the end of the dig.’

Kelvin smiled. ‘I know that you’ve lost someone that you all know, but I’d like it if we continued and went down to the tombs tomorrow. If that’s okay with all of you.’

‘It is.’

‘Right eat up, we’ve got to be up bright and early tomorrow.’

They all ate silently before returning to their tents for lights out.

Caitlin slipped out after been unable to sleep. She couldn’t stop thinking about going down to the underground tombs. She didn’t like the dark, let alone that far down in darkness. She needed reassurance, she needed to talk to someone who could give her that. She had hoped Kelvin would be the one to do that.

She pulled the zip down on her tent before treading carefully over the campsite.

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