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Chapter Fourteen



Caitlin bounced over to Joe and Mark un-aware of the blood that was seeping down her face, from her mouth. ‘Hi guys are you ready for today?’

They looked at her.

‘What is it?’

‘Did you read the book?’

‘No. I promised.’

‘You didn’t tell anyone did you?’

‘No why?’

‘You’re bleeding.’

‘No I’m not.’

‘You are. Here.’ Joe said passing her a tissue.

She placed her hand on his placing the tissue on her bleeding lip. ‘Thanks.’

He slipped his hand from under hers.

She took the tissue off her lip full of blood spots large ones. ‘What’s going on Joe? I swear I never touched your book, and I never told anyone.’

He placed his hands onto her face, wiping the blood away from her still bleeding lip. He stared into her eyes.

‘Can I come in Kelvin?’

‘Yeah sure.’

She opened the zip up a little more and crouched down slipping into the tent.

‘Zip it up will you.’


She sipped it up. She looked at Kelvin. ‘Come over here.’

She moved towards him.

‘Sit down.’

She pulled her self up sitting opposite him.

‘So what can I help you with?’

‘The dig tomorrow.’

‘Sure what about it?’

‘It’s a little freaky.’

‘Why do you say that?’

‘We’re going underground.’

‘Don’t you like the dark?’

‘Not really.’

‘Don’t worry Caitlin. It will be well lit, and your friends will be with you.’

‘You mean Joe and Mark.’

‘Yeah. I’ve been meaning to ask you how do you find those two?’

‘A pair of jokers, leaders of the pack. Never a dull moment with them about.’

‘Can I trust them? They’ve disobeyed orders once.’

‘Yeah. I know that they can stray a little, but their heads are screwed on. This sort of stuff interests them, it excites them. They find something new they have to explore.’

‘Did they find anything in the Police Station?’

‘Apart from those inscriptions no.’

‘You would tell me if they did wouldn’t you?’

‘I guess.’

‘Good.’ He said guiding his hand down her face. ‘I really like you, and I’d hate it if you kept anything away from me.’

‘I-I-I better be going.’ She said moving away.

He grabbed her hand. ‘No stay.’

‘I can’t. Its late, lights out.’

‘How old are you?’


‘You surely can stay up a little longer.’

‘I can’t.’

‘You can.’ He said pulling her towards her.

She looked at him nervously.

‘Don’t be scared Caitlin. You’ve got to trust in yourself, as well as in me.’

‘I’ve got to go.’

‘After.’ He said moving forward.

‘I’ve got to..’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her, she hesitated. She may have made a crack about him being hot, but right now he wasn’t he was scaring her.

He kissed her harder making sure that he got the response that he wanted off her. He lowered her to the floor, her head hitting the pillow. She froze. ‘Don’t be scared.’

He pushed inside her, she struggled as he pushed harder and harder. ‘Just relax Caitlin look at this as your first experience in not being a virgin anymore you’re a woman, and I made you that way.’ He continued having sex with her, kissing her neck as tears rolled down her face.

He pulled away wiping her tears away. ‘No need for tears Caitlin. You’re special, just remember that.’

She looked nervously at him, shaking.

‘Now don’t get telling anyone about this. We don’t want to be sent back home do we?’

She shook her head.

He smiled. ‘Come back tomorrow after lights out okay.’

She said nothing.

‘Okay?’ He said looking into her eyes.

‘Okay.’ She said silently.

He placed his lips on hers kissing her. ‘You best be getting back to your tent.’

She opened the zip of the tent.

‘Don’t forget tomorrow.’

She slipped out of the tent saying nothing. Tears streamed down her than she could wipe

Them away.

‘We’ll sort this Caitlin okay.’

She smiled.

Joe kissed her quickly, placing his arms round her. ‘Come on lets go the others will be waiting.’

‘Right now everyone’s here listen up very carefully. We’re going under ground. We know that a few of you don’t like the dark we have supplied you each with a hard hat with a torch attached to it. So keep in your groups no wondering you could get lost down its many tunnels.’

‘Right you heard stay in your groups. Follow behind group by group.’

They all turned on their torches on as they entered the cove.

They walked deeper and deeper into the coves where they found many inscriptions upon its walls. They walked deeper through the cove where the stench of the dead overwhelmed them.

‘Right guys, no need to be alarmed, the groups of six are to separate into the different caverns which we are to believe that there are underground tombs in each of them. We re-group outside in three hours so that will be three pm.’

Everyone split into their groups. Going down the six split caverns.

‘Right guys there are six caverns to this tomb, so please try not to get lost.’

The groups split into twos Joe grouped with Mark telling Caitlin to group with Sass. ‘It’ll be fine babe. Trust me everything’s in hand.’


‘Group with Sass. We’ll come back for you okay.’


He quickly kissed her before they parted company.

The groups had been searching for two hours, and had found very little apart from some jewellery and old coins.

‘Hey Kelvin.’

Kelvin looked up and over at Joe. ‘What is it Joe?’

‘Me and Mark have found something.’

‘Sure I’m coming.’

Kelvin pulled himself up and walked over to Mark and Joe. ‘So what have you found boys?’

‘Take a look for yourself.’

They both stepped away.

A skeleton laid against the wall covered in jewels. Kelvin smiled, kneeling down. ‘Well done boys I never expected you to find a skeleton that is as well preserved as this one.’ He moved forward to remove the jewels from around the skeletons neck. ‘And these will make a good find to.’

Mark and Joe looked at the other evilly their eyes illuminating through the darkness.

The sward dropped slicing through Kelvin’s throat decapitating his head from the rest of his body, flesh hanging, bones snapped, blood pooled round the dead decapitated body, his head rolled to the boned hand of the skeleton pale eyes, wide, dead.

Joe placed the sward back into the hand of the skeleton. ‘That’s for you screwing my girlfriend.’

‘She aint your girlfriend.’

‘She will be.’

‘Then what?’

‘She will die as so will the others.’

They laughed evilly.

They cut their laughter short. ‘Come on let’s get out of here.’

They all grouped.

‘Where’s Kelvin?’

‘He said to tell you to meet him outside. He said he’d found something interesting and he wanted to take a closer look at it.’

‘Okay we’ll group with the others outside.’

They all walked out of the cove meeting the others.

‘Where’s Kelvin?’

‘Still down there, apparently he found something that he wanted to take a closer look at, and said he’d meet us out here.’

‘We best go in.’

They all followed Jed into the cove.

Caitlin looked at Joe whose eyes were blank. ‘What did you do Joe?’

‘You’ll see.’

The archaeologists walked down the cove into the caverns. ‘Where will he be?’

‘His group went into the southern caverns.’

‘Right lets go down to them.’

They followed the caverns through to the southern caverns where Kelvin’s dead decapitated body lay.

They placed their hands over their mouths walking towards the dead body. The skeleton lay up right against the wall with the jewels still round its neck Kelvin’s head by its bony hand, a sward in its other hand.

‘Looks like he was be-headed as he tried to take the jewels.’

‘What shall we do?’

‘Get the skeleton and go.’

‘And Kelvin?’

‘He’s dead. We can’t take him the way he is the kids will freak.’

‘We have to we can’t leave him down here.’

‘Right take either end of the body and we’ll slowly and steadily take it and the skeleton outside.’

They picked up Kelvin’s dead decapitated body and the skeleton slowly and gently slowly taking it out of the cavern and the cove laying them both gently down on the ground outside the cove.

‘Sorry we found him like this, must’ve happened trying to take what wasn’t his they must’ve been cursed.’

Caitlin took one look, and turned into Joe, who held her close, his eyes blank, evil.

‘So why didn’t you die?’


The earth shook rumbling the ground beneath them causing the rocks above the cove to collide crashing down in front of the cove blocking the entrance. Pilling over the decapitated body of Kelvin and the skeleton that held the jewels. Crumbling into dust.

‘Well I guess that answers your question. Nothing leaves the caverns or their tombs. If it does it turns to dust. And the tombs will never be able to be entered again.’

‘Come on guys and gals let’s get back to camp. It’s been a long day and we need to power up for tomorrow.’

They all walked away heading back to camp where the fire was they all sat round the blazing fire trying to swallow their supper. Caitlin still feeling quwizzy. ‘I’ll take her back to her tent sir.’

‘Make sure that’s all you do and no hanky panky.’

‘Yes sir, there’ll be non-Sir.’


Joe took Caitlin’s hand pulling her to her feet placing his arm round her walking her back to her tent.

‘You okay Cat?’

‘Yeah. I just don’t want to be alone tonight.’

‘You can stay with me if you like.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Hey that’s what friends are for.’ He smiled.

She returned his smile.

They crouched down slipping into the tent. Joe pulled the zip down before he lay down besides Caitlin, placing his arm round her. ‘You sure you’re okay?’

‘Yeah just seeing him like that..’

Joe pulled himself up looking into her eyes. ‘I did it for you, you know.’

‘I know.’

‘This is between us Cat. No one must know what I done.’

‘They won’t.’

He smiled leaning forward. ‘I trust you Caitlin.’

‘I trust you too.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her, she returned his kiss kissing hungrily and passionately, undressing making love.

He pulled away guiding his hand down her face. ‘There are things that are going to change round here Caitlin. I promise.’

She looked at him confused.

‘You shall know once it all begins, and when it all ends.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her.

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