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Chapter Seventeen



Everyone had risen early to go to find Neil. They had searched the entire grounds that surrounded the camp site. And had stopped for lunch. They walked into the forest hoping that they’d find him there.

‘Right guys and girls, we’ll split up and cover the area, hoping we find him.’

The groups split.

‘Right I’ll take Joe and Mark.’

‘Sure Stacy we’ll circle the area.’

‘Sure.’ Stacy looked at Joe and Mark. ‘Where were you guys when you called out for Neil?’

‘Over there by the Police Station.’

‘Right we’ll take a look over there. Come on.’

They followed Stacy through the forest heading towards the Police Station. They looked all around finding nothing.

‘Right you two we’ll go inside. It’s the only place left, he’s not outside. I just hope that he’s inside. I just hope the others have better luck than we’re having.’

They followed Stacy into the Police Station knowing that their luck was about to change and Stacy’s too. The Station was full of darkness. They looked into to every cell, yet nothing. They reached cell thirteen. A fully clothed skeleton lay in the cell cuffed, and chained to the wall. Stacy opened the cell door stepping in, Mark and Joe following behind. Their eyes blank, glazed.

Stacy knelt down opening the jacket on the skeleton pulling a passport out of the inside pocket. She opened it, her hands shaking. There lay a picture on the inside cover. A male in his late forties, dark hair, a full faced beard. ‘Neil.’ She said dropping the passport to the sanded floor in cell thirteen. Still shaking, tears rolling down her face as she pulled herself up.

‘Come on we best tell the others.’

The cell door closed. She turned looking at Joe and Mark. ‘What’s going on?’

They pushed her against the barred windowed wall, saying nothing.

Their eyes glazed, blank.


They held her to the wall.

Her blouse ripped as if someone had glided knifes down it. Her buttons popped, her breast bulging out of her bra, razor sharp nailed marks across her body. She screamed as whatever was in there with them slashed across the opposite side of her body crossing over the first.

Mark and Joe looked at Stacy, she dropped to the dusted floor of cell thirteen.

The cell door opened Joe and Mark walked out. The bared door closing behind them.

They stepped outside.

‘Where’s Stacy?’

‘In there.’

‘And Neil?’

‘He’s in there too.’

Mr. Norman stepped forward. ‘What’s going on Joe, Mark?’

‘We found Neil sir. Something weird happened to Stacy Sir. We tried to stop it.’

‘What happened?’

‘She’s dead.’

‘And Neil?’


‘What’s going on?’ Madge said steeping in.

‘You better take a look.’

‘Come on guys.’

The archaeologists followed suit, the class following shortly behind. Going into the Police Station.

The class edged forward.

‘Steady on class.’

They all bungled into the Police Station with very little room and air. They all peered into cell thirteen where Neil’s body was almost corpsed in chains, and Stacy’s blooded body sliced dead.

The class stood silent, shocked. Caitlin dived into Joe’s arms. Many screamed a delayed scream.

‘This is better than a horror.’ One commented.

‘That’s enough Spanner. I think that we’ve all seen enough for one day. Come on.’

They all turned following Mr. Norman out. The archaeologists walking out in silence baffled to what exactly had gone on in there, and what was really going on in Ghostly Hill.

‘We’re terribly sorry Mr. Norman. We never expected this to happen, nothing like this has ever happened before.’

‘We understand. The kids haven’t been this interested in anything before, until this.’

‘We’ll understand if you want to cut your trip short and take the kids home.’

‘No its fine. We would like to continue till the end of the dig if that’s okay with you.’

‘It is. I just hope its okay with the kids.’

‘They’ll be fine.’

They all returned to camp, silent not one single word passing between any of them. Hardly eating before they returned to their tents for lights out.

‘You okay Cat?’

‘Yeah, just that was so weird, and gross.’

‘Yeah. I know.’

‘It was like a curse or something had killed them in there, just for entering.’

‘Maybe it did.’

Caitlin looked at Joe. ‘What are you going on about Joe?’


‘You sure? It’s like you know what was in that cell waiting for them.’

‘Don’t talk shit Cat. No one knew they didn’t. Neither did me or Mark.’


‘Shut up and kiss me.’

He pulled her close. Their lips pressed on each other’s kissing hungrily, undressing as he lowered her to the ground making love to her.

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