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Chapter Eighteen - Week Three



Everyone had woke and was set for another day. They were to head out for the tip of Ghostly Hill over the next few days. First was the cemetery, then into the town to the abandoned church. And working their way back.

They had all eaten and had set off for the cemetery. This was where Joe and Mark’s next victim would fall to their death.

‘Right guys we’ll split up into our usual groups and cover the mile radius of the cemetery. Split from the north to the south, east to the west. Meeting up at one pm for lunch. Then back into the cemetery till dark. We all set?’


‘Let’s go.’

Every group split covering the stretch that they had been given until lunch, nothing had been found, but something was soon to be found.

They all ate their lunch, and having a drink, relieving themselves before continuing the search.

Many bones were dug up in the hours to come. Many more hours past. ‘Fred over here.’

‘Coming lads.’

Fred made his way over to where Mark and Joe had been allocated to dig. The clayed mixtured ground crunched beneath his boots. ‘What is it boys?’

‘We thought that you’d like to see this.’

He stood in-between Joe and Mark, arching forward to look at the skeleton. Another fully armoured skeleton with mysterious features. ‘Well done boys.’ He said turning his head.

The axe went down, the head bounced as it hit the ground.

The groups had met up in the centre of the cemetery, it was getting dark and all had been accounted for. All but one, Fred.

‘Has anyone seen Fred?’


‘Didn’t you boys ask Fred to take a look at something?’

‘Yeah that was three hours ago. We haven’t spoken or seen him since.’

‘Where did you find…’

‘The skeleton.’


‘By the cemetery gates.’

‘Right we best take a look before we head back.’

They all walked through the cemetery. The moon rising the sun going down. Shinning across the cemetery, illuminating across the headstones making them look more frightening than they did in the light.

Caitlin grabbed onto Joe’s hand.

‘Chill babe. It’s not like the dead are going to jump out on us is it?’ He joked.

They approached the cemetery gates nothing there, yet something lay outside them.

‘I thought you said that you found a skeleton here.’

‘We did.’

‘You didn’t move it did you?’


‘So what’s happened to it then?’

‘Don’t know.’

They all walked through the opened gates. They turned standing paled faced. A skeleton lay in front of the iron gates. A pole held in the bony hand of the skeleton with a head on it, a point scouring above the head. Mouth wide, eyes bulging yet no body.


‘How I don’t understand!’

‘Another ritual.’


Caitlin dropped Joe’s hand and ran.

‘I’ll go and look for her.’

‘We’ll see you back at the camp.’

‘Okay.’ Joe said running in the same direction that Caitlin went hoping to find her.

‘Come on guys we best be getting back to camp. It’s getting dark.’

‘What about Caitlin and Joe Sir?’

‘He’ll bring her back.’

‘What if he can’t find her?’

‘He will.’

They all turned walking away.

Joe ran through the wood land. ‘Cat! Cat!’

She ran deeper into the forest no quiet sure of where she was going. Or where she’d end up, all she knew that she had to get away from Ghostly Hill, it was jinxed.

Tears flew off her face as she continued running.

A hand grabbed hers pulling her back. She looked at Joe, tears streaming down her face.

‘Why did you run babe?’

She caught her breath. ‘I’m getting out of here.’


‘I can’t take this shit anymore Joe. Too many people are dead, and many more will be before the end of this dig. This place is jinxed.’

‘No its not.’

‘It is Joe. Can you tell me how they all died?’

Joe looked at her blank.

‘Well then! I’m sorry Joe I’m out of here. With or without you.’

‘Stay babe.’

‘Why? So I can be the next to die?’

He placed his hands on her face. ‘You won’t.’

‘How can you be so sure Joe?’

‘I promise you.’

‘You can’t promise me that Joe.’

‘Please Cat. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you, please come back.’


He placed his lips on hers kissing her, she returned his kiss, kissing hungrily.

He pulled away taking his hands off her face, taking her hand in his. ‘Come on the others are waiting for us back at camp.’


‘Come on or they’ll be thinking you’re dead too if you don’t return.’

‘O-kay.’ She sighed.

He smiled, leading her away through the woods.

By the time that they had arrived back at camp all were sleeping.

‘Shh. We’ve got too treed carefully. We’ll tell them you’re back in the morning.’

They walked silently across the sanded ground to Joe’s tent. They slipped in. Joe zipped up before crawling across the tent to Caitlin placing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily, lowering her to the ground undressing, making love.

Joe pulled away. ‘I love you Cat.’

‘I love you too.’

‘I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.’

She slowly closed her eyes. He kissed her softly on her lips. ‘Sweet dreams.’

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