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Chapter Twenty Three



Joe and Mark met by the tents, Caitlin and Sass had gone on without them.

‘So you and Sass?’


‘Why ever not?’

‘She’s not interested in me Joe. I’m not her type.’

‘Any way while the girls aren’t with us, we really need to keep a low profile for a few days. Our heads kept low, so they don’t catch on. So no one gets suspicious.’

‘Sure Joe. Whatever you say.’

‘You’re not going to argue with me?’

‘I was going to bring it up. I didn’t think you’d take to the idea.’

‘Well I am. So we’ll just go along for the dig for the next few days.’

‘Come on you two!’

‘Come on I’m starved.’

‘When aren’t you?’ Mark smiled.

The jogged away meeting up with Caitlin and Sass. They sat down round the camp fire with their hefty breakfast.

‘Right guys we’re going into the forest and back to the Police Station over the next few days. We’ve got to cover every square mile of this place three times over, making sure that no stone is left un-turned.’

‘We all ready to go?’

The skies clouded over, turning light to dark.

‘Well guys looks like we’re in for some rain. Not to worry we’ll still continue today until the rain is so bad that we can’t.’

The heavens opened, the rain bounced off the ground putting out the fire.

‘Sorry guys, we’ll have to continue this tomorrow.’

‘What do we do till then?’

‘Amuse yourselves, use your imagination. Your friends will be allowed in your tents for today only, but only until dark.’

‘What about food sir?’

‘Your suppers will be served the same time, and will be given to you in the tents, just tell us where you are okay.’

The remainder of the year elevens pulled themselves up and pondered off to their tents telling Mr. Norman exactly where they were going to be.

Caitlin, Joe, Mark, and Sass went into Joe’s tent sitting on the ground sheet.

‘Well girls how’s about we have a little fun?’

‘What sort of fun?’

‘This.’ Joe said placing the book that he and Mark had found buried in cell thirteen on to the floor in between all of them. Mark and Caitlin looked at Joe to say ‘Are you sure?’

’Come on guys, it’s just a little harmless fun.

They all looked at one another.

‘So who’s up for a ritual then?’

‘What sort of ritual?’

‘A bloody one?’

They all looked at Joe. Caitlin and Sass’s faces paled.

‘I make an incision on everyone’s palm and you let the blood drip onto the book okay. Hoping that it will bring back something telling us what it wants us to do.’

‘I don’t know Joe.’

‘I’m not sure about this Joe.’

Joe looked at Mark his eyebrows raised.

‘Their right Joe what if something goes wrong?’

‘It won’t. Trust me. So we all in?’


He looked at Caitlin. Staring at her. ‘Okay.’ She sighed. He smiled before looking at Sass. ‘Okay.’ She sighed, defeated.

‘Good choice.’

Joe took a knife out of his pocket. ‘Right squeeze your fist tight after I’ve done it.’

‘What about you?’

‘I’ll do that too.’ He looked at Caitlin. ‘Pass me your hand.’

She held out her hand, it was shaking. He held it in his. ‘Relax.’

He guided the knives edge over her palm cutting it open.

He repeated the process with Mark and Sass then himself. ’Right hands over the book, clenching your fist tight and let your blood drip down onto it.

They all held their clenched fists over the book letting their blood drip onto it.

Joe and Mark looked at one another, beginning to chant in Egyptian hieroglyphics. . The two girls wondering what they were saying as they continued chanting the words of the devil.

A figure hovered above the book. A person dressed in black, with red illuminating eyes.

They all looked at it, the girls in dismay, the boy’s eyes glistening evilly.

‘You have woken me, the fallen angel. The angel called by the devil’s words. I shall tell you how to sacrifice a mammal then a mortal. So listen very carefully to the words I am about to speak. Find a goat any will do, hang it upside down tying ropes round its feet tightly cutting its throat a quarter of the way across using this.’

A devil’s knife dropped onto the book, like a hunting knife in size with a sharp pointed blade.

‘Let the blood run freely onto the pentagram. Find a virgin, male or female. Leading them into the centre of the pentagram. Slipping them into a white gown before cuffing their throat and wrists, chanting the devil’s words of death slash their throat and leave them for Satan as an offering. Your day will come to rule the world if your truth is for filled.’ The fallen angel said disappearing.

The two girl’s faces were white washed, and phased. The boy’s eyes were still glistening evilly.

‘I better go back to my tent Cat.’


‘Can you walk me back Mark?’


‘Bye Cat.’


Mark pulled the zip up.

‘Tomorrow Cat.’

‘Yeah okay.’

‘See ya Joe.’


They slipped out of the tent, Mark placed his arm round Sass. Trying to comfort her. To ease her concerns of to what she had just witnessed.

Joe looked at Caitlin, who sat paralysed. ‘You okay Cat?’

‘Just put that thing away okay.’


Joe pushed the book under his pillow. ‘Better?’

‘A little.’

He placed his hand on her chin turning her to face him. ‘What is it Cat?’

‘Nothing, just that it freaked me a little.’

‘I’m sorry Cat I didn’t expect it to work.’

‘Well it did.’

‘I’m sorry Cat.’ He said moving forward.

‘You’re not really going to do it are you?’


‘The sacrifice thing.’

‘No babe. There’s no goats round here.’

‘But there are plenty of us. Am I going to die?’

‘No babe. I already told you you’re safe with me.’

He leaned forward placing his lips on hers kissing her.

‘You okay Sass?’

‘You’re seriously not going to do that ritual are you?’

‘Nagh. I think Joe wanted to see if it would work that’s all.’


‘You don’t seem so convinced.’

‘I’m scared okay.’

‘Do you want me to stay?’

‘Would you?’

He smiled.

They slipped into the tent pulling the zip down.

Mark leaned forward kissing Sass. She moved away. ‘Just hold me.’

He smiled.

They lay down, Mark placed his arms round Sass pulling her close. ‘Is that better?’


He smiled.

They slowly closed their eyes.

Caitlin pulled away from Joe.

‘What’s wrong babe?’

‘I can’t.’

‘Why not?’

‘I can’t stop thinking about ..’

‘Don’t.’ He said placing his finger on her lips. ‘Don’t let it spoil the rest of our night Cat. Nothing’s going to happen. I can promise you that okay.’

He took his finger off her lips. ‘No more talk of the ritual okay. It was just an experiment that’s all.’

She looked at him still not convinced. ‘Okay.’

‘Now let me make love to you.’

He leaned forward placing his lips on hers kissing her, she returned his kiss, kissing with tongues. He lowered her to the ground kissing her hungrily making love to her. The pillow edging up wards the book lay beneath it alone, on show.


‘Joe you awake?’

Joe slowly opened his eyes. ‘I am.’

‘Can I come in? I’ve got yours and Cat’s breaky.’

’Yeah sure Mark.

Mark pulled the zip up, Joe pulled himself up looking at a drenched Mark. Raindrops trickling down his face. Looking like tears. ‘Sorry for interrupting you, but Norman asked me to bring it to you. It’s another bad day.’

‘I can see that.’

‘Its pissing it down, it hasn’t stopped all night.’

‘So you and Sass?’

‘Nagh. I walked her back, and reassured her that the ritual wasn’t going to take place, and no one was going to die.’

‘Yeah me too.’

‘Will it happen Joe?’

‘It might, it might not.’

Mark smiled evilly, knowing exactly what Joe meant and was thinking. To lye in wait because there would be a reason for all of this. ‘I’ll leave these here.’ Mark said placing them down in the corner.

‘Cheers Mark.’

‘No probs.’

‘So you going back to Sass?’

‘I’m keeping her company for a while.’

Joe smiled.

‘It’s not like that Joe. We’re just friends.’

‘You want more. So tell her.’

‘No Joe let it lye. She’s not interested.’

‘Sure what-ever!’

Mark looked at Joe frowning.

‘Okay I’ll shut up.’

‘Tomorrow Joe.’

‘Sure Mark. I’ll catch ya tomorrow. Enjoy your day.’

‘You too.’

Mark slipped out of the tent pulling the zip back up.

‘Cat.’ Joe said rocking her gently ‘Cat breakfast.’

Caitlin slowly opened her eyes.

‘Mark brought us breakfast.’

‘Raining again?’


‘Bet that’s really peeved you. I know how much you enjoy doing this.’

‘I’m fine. It will give us more chance to spend time alone.’

She smiled.

Caitlin pulled herself up and they picked up their breakfasts and ate in silence then drank their coffees.

Joe looked at Caitlin, who looked nervous, on edge, a little agitated. ‘What’s wrong babe?’


He placed his hand on her chin turning her to face him looking into her scared eyes. ‘There is Cat. What is it?’

‘The ritual.’

‘What about it?’

‘You sure that you’re not going to do it.’

‘Positive babe. Like I said I won’t let anything happen to you okay.’ He smiled.


He placed his lips on hers kissing her. She returned his kiss passionately as he lowered her to the ground making love to her.

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