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Chapter Twenty Five



After a night of very little sleep.Everyone had set off for the Police Station, and the surrounding area.

Many of the year elevens were still half asleep, and not with it.

The day was slow only finding a few more bones and artefacts.

Samuel slipped away from the group into the Police Station. He walked down the walk, the door to cell thirteen opened. He stepped in. the door closed.

Samuel pulled a muse out of his pocket pulling it over his head, and round his neck he tied it to a metal beam. He tied it tight round his neck tying the other end to the cell door. He kicked the stool from under him the rope pulled tightly strangling him, chocking him, his head lying limp his eyes wide, glazed.

‘Has anyone seen Samuel?’

‘No Sir.’

‘Has anyone been by the Police Station?’

‘No sir.’

‘We best go and check after yesterday.’

They all followed Adam and Mr. Norman into the Police Station.

‘You don’t think he’d return to the cell after yesterday do you?’

‘Not sure, after what went on in their yesterday.’

They stood paralyzed, looking into cell thirteen at the blooded, dead hanging teenage boys’ body.


‘Oh my god.’

‘Great another one.’

‘Come on guys we best get back to the camp. I think we’ve seen enough.’

They all walked out of the Police Station.

The year elevens, and the adults ate very little that night feeling lethargic. They all slipped into their tents.

Caitlin saying nothing.

‘You okay babe? You seem a little quiet.’

‘I’m just thinking. Poor Samuel.’

‘I know babe.’

‘He loved her you know.’

‘I know. He probably couldn’t handle the thought of being without her, and felt that he had to join her, or something.’

‘I guess.’

‘Don’t worry about it Cat he knew what he was doing.’

‘I know.’

Joe leaned forward placing his lips on hers kissing her.

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