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Chapter Thirty - Week Five



Mark and Joe met up outside their tents. Walking away, saying nothing.

They reached Daniel’s tent, looked at the other, their eyes so dark, so evil, so blank, so hollow. They nodded at one another, Mark pulled the zip up they pulled the flaps back entering the tent, they knelt down. Mark opened Daniel’s mouth placing a funnel in it. Joe opened the bottle that contained the acid. A black label with a white skull and cross bones imprinted with large letters “ACID”

They looked at each other, smiling.

Joe tilted the bottle at a ninety degree angle pouring it into the funnel. It slowly entered Daniel’s mouth a burning sensation woke him, he stared in disbelief at Joe and Mark. The sun was setting they hadn’t long left before it rose for another busy day. Daniel screamed, trying to struggle as Mark held him down and Joe continued to pour the acid down the funnel into his mouth. ‘For all the times you bullied us.’

‘And for every bad word you said against us.’ Mark added.

Daniel struggled unsuccessfully. His stomach melting away, his arteries and flesh melted from the inside out. Joe took the bottle and funnel away after the very last drop of acid entered the slowly desterilizing body. They loosed the half melted body watching as his clothes disintegrated off the skeleton.

The skeleton lay on the ground sheet of the tent, with glassed eyes sockets. No more Daniel.

Joe and Mark slipped out of the tent zipping down disposing of the bottle and funnel with gloves those too went into the bin. They showered before slipping back into their tents.

Every one sat round the burning fire at eight am.

‘Where’s Daniel?’

‘Hasn’t he got up yet?’


‘Take a look will you.’

‘Yes Sir.’

Colin and Max pulled themselves up and walked away,

Screams echoed across camp.

‘We best see what the commotion is.’

They all pulled themselves up and walked away from the burning campfire. Walking across the campsite to Daniel’s tent.

‘What’s wrong with you two?’

They said nothing pointing into Daniel’s tent with shaky hands.

Mr. Norman and Adam pulled the flaps of the tent back staring speechless at the skeleton where Daniel had once lay. Glassed eyes, screaming, almost deformed.



‘Sorry Sir.’

‘What the…?’

‘Where’s Daniel?’ Mr. Norman asked.

Colin and Max just pointed.

‘That’s not Daniel. It’s just a joke.’

‘Take a look Sir.’

Me. Norman knelt down stretching his arm over to the skeleton picking up a wallet, pulling his arm back out. He pulled himself up, opening the wallet. A picture of a boy aged sixteen with darkish brown hair, and green eyes stood on the I.D. Card. With the name “Daniel Merter” typed on it.

Mr. Norman’s face paled.

‘What’s wrong Mr. Norman?’ Adam asked concerned.

He passed the wallet to Adam, who took it off him and examined it. ‘Shit.’

He looked up at the class that had many questions in their eyes to who the skeleton was? And where Daniel was?


The girls screamed.

‘Who’d do this?’

‘Did anyone not get on with Daniel?’

‘Everyone got on with him.’

‘Come on we best get back to our tents. I’m postponing the dig for today I don’t think any of us are up to it.’

They all walked away shaken, Joe placed his arms around a distressed Caitlin.

They all separated going into their separate tents. Joe pulled the zip down sliding over to Caitlin. ‘What’s wrong babe?’

‘Did you do it?’

‘Do what?’

‘Kill Daniel? Did you and Mark kill Daniel?’

‘No babe, whatever gave you that idea?’

‘Everyone knows he had something against you two. And you’d do anything to get him back for the way he treated you.’

‘Yeah, but killing him. Don’t you think that’s going a little too far Cat?’

‘I guess, but..’

‘Well then. I promise we didn’t okay.’

He leaned forward.

‘Don’t Joe.’

‘Come on babe.’

He placed his lips on hers to silence her before she threw any more objections his way.

He kissed her hungrily lowering her to the ground undressing them both making love to her.

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