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With everything packedall of the year elevens had arrived at school rearing to go.

‘Right class line up.’

‘Great we’ve got Norman.’

‘I heard that Newman. There will be three adults accompanying you on this expedition. Miss Faulkner, Mr. Morrison and myself, any questions?’

‘No sir.’

‘Good. When I call your name place your belongings in the luggage compartment under the coach then board. Are we understood?’

‘Yes sir.’

‘Good. When we arrive we will be greeted by a team of archaeologists. They will meet us on the outskirts of Ghostly Hill and will show us to where we are to set up camp.’ The head said before reeling off the names individually.

They placed their luggage in the compartment under the coach then stepped on finding their seats.

The head, the head of history, and the archaeologist placed their luggage in the component, under the coach, last boarding the coach. Mr. Norman doing a head count. ‘All present.’

The doors swished as they closed the driver screeched the hand break before pulling away.

They made one of many stops on the way to Ghostly Hill. The head counted all the heads once again. ‘All present.’

The doors closed. And the driver pulled away and they were on their way once again.

The coach pulled up on the outskirts of Ghostly Hill.

‘Right we’re here, one at a time. Stand next to the coach.’

They all leaped off the coach one by one their teachers and the archaeologist the last.

The head teacher reeled off their names in alphabetical order. In turn they replied. ‘Here sir.’

‘Collect your belongings.’

They opened the compartment under the coach pulling out their belongings.

They closed the under coach compartment. A male approached them. ‘You must be the class of Lowestoft High.’

The headmaster looked at the young looking male. ‘Yes we are.’

‘Follow me.’

The doors of the coach closed and the driver pulled away.

They all followed the youngish male through the wood land. ‘I’m Jess I’m one of Kelvin’s associates. The others are waiting on site.’

‘I’m Mr. Norman the head teacher of Lowerstoft high. This is Miss. Faulkner the head of the history department.’

‘Nice to meet you.’

‘You too.’

They all walked onto the desolate land where the other archaeologists were waiting for them. ‘This is Ella, Stacy, Madge, Dawn, Debbie, Adam, Neil, and Fred. They’ll be helping us on the dig. Guys this is Mr. Norman and Miss Faulkner. The head teacher and the head of history, with the year elevens of Lowerstoft high.’

’Great fantastic, glad you could join us the dig will begin tomorrow morning. We start here and follow this stretch of land for a five mile radius seeing what can be found. Most of this land is clay and dirt it shouldn’t take too long to break through it to find artefacts then we can move onto the next area.

You’re camp area is to the right, the showers in the centre, porter loos either side. We’ll let you set up camp and we’ll all group for supper.’

‘Right kids lets go.’

They all followed Mr. Norman and Miss. Faulkner to the camp site pitching their tents putting their belongings in their tents before they joined the archaeologists for supper.

‘So what are you kids hoping to gain from all of this?’

‘Something to take home.’

‘Sorry all the bones and artefacts have to go back to America with us.’

‘Experience in finding old bones. And we will also be able to determine what era they came from and when they dated from.’

‘So are you interested in this sort of stuff?’


‘You should get into your studies, and UNI. Then research like we did.’

‘I will.’

‘So what brings you all out this far from home?’

‘We found this spot on the U.K. map and wanted to check it out. We thought it would be a good idea to start here and work our way out. We’re hoping to find many prehistoric artefacts out here to take home and study.’

‘Can’t you do that out here?’

‘We may be able to determine the age of the artefacts but that is all. We need to take them back to our labs to research them more.’

‘What about the research labs here?’

‘Ours are say a little more technical. Yours are slowly coming into line with ours we need funding to do that, so we have to find what no one else ever has.’

‘Surely all bones are the same?’

‘Maybe, but no bone is the same they could be from different countries and eras, maybe prehistoric everyone wants to know what came before man and beast. And we’re hoping to find it.’


‘We all group tomorrow and then we start the dig here then we cover this stretch of land.’

‘Well that’s enough the foods going cold!’

They all dug in and ate and drank in silence.

It had grown dark and cold, the fire was blazing.

‘Right kids we’ve all had a long day and we’ll be having another long and busy day tomorrow so its bed time wouldn’t you agree?’

‘Yes Sir.’

They all pulled themselves up.

‘We’ll see you all in the morning nine o’clock start.’


They all walked away slipping into their tents and into their sleeping bags closing their eyes.

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