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Chapter Thirty Four



Joe guided the back of his hand down Caitlin’s face. She slowly woke. ‘Joe?’

He smiled. ‘So how are you this morning?’


‘So you up for the rest of the burial ground dig?’

‘As ready as I’ll ever be.’


‘Come on we best get dressed. Adam’s already been and gone. Breaky’s ready.’

‘Oh. Okay.’

‘Are you sure you’re ready for today? It’s going to be a busy one.’

‘Yeah I’m sure.’

They dressed slipping into their boots.

‘You ready Cat?’


Joe placed his lips on hers kissing her. He moved away. ‘Come on lets go and get some breaky before it all goes.’

He took her hand unzipping then tent leading her out. They walked over to the others.

‘You feeling better this morning Caitlin?’

’Yeah thanks.

Joe pulled her down before the ate their breakfast.

They all pulled themselves up going to the bathrooms to refresh themselves before heading off to the burial ground.

‘Right guys same as yesterday, five trenches spaced a foot away from the other to the end of the burial ground. Right lets go.’

They all split into their groups covering the final of the burial ground. Their shovels crunched the hard ground as they hit it. Caitlin seemed to be holding up as they dug three feet down and six feet across. It was going slow with very few year elevens left to participate in the dig they seemed to be getting very little done. They had been split into groups of five, and one of three. Five trenches in total spread across the last mile of the Burial Ground three feet down and six feet across. In between two and six skeletons was beginning to appear through the clay and dirt compound that they lay under.

‘Right guys we’ll eat now and dust them down after lunch.’

They stooped standing their shovels upright by the trenches walking away sitting where there weren’t trenches to fall in. They sat down after washing the dirt off their hands eating their lunch and drinking their juice.

‘Right guys lets rap this up so we can cover the outskirts of the dark woods tomorrow.’

They all joined their groups going over to their trenches lowering themselves into them picking up their utensils to dust away the dirt and clay particles away from the skeletons.

Madge walked over to the centre of the burial ground after an open grave caught her eye it wasn’t one of there’s they’d already covered it hadn’t they?

She peered over it staring at the two skeletons and the rotting corpse of Ella. ‘What the..’

‘Like our handy work? We do.’

She turned. Joe brought down a spiked baseball bat. It sliced across her face, the next

Crashed onto the back of her skull. She fell sideways into the open grave falling on top of Ella’s rotting corpse.

Joe and Mark picked up the shovels, and began to fill the open grave.

Madge’s eyes slowly opened looking at the dead glazed eyes of Ella’s rotting corpse, blooded indents to the side of her head. She screamed.

The dirt pilled over her to conceal her screams. ‘See you in hell bitch!’

‘Now you can’t bitch about us any more, because you’re dead bitch.’

Joe and Mark turned walking away.

‘Where have you two been we’ve been looking for you everywhere.’

‘Sorry needed a whiz.’

‘At a guess so did you?’

‘Can’t help it Sir. Weak bladder.’

‘We all here now?’

‘All the class is.’

‘Right that’s all of us just Madge left. Has anyone seen her?’

‘No sorry.’

‘You two haven’t happened to see her on your travels have you?’

‘No Adam.’

‘Great that’s two down. We haven’t found Ella. Guess we wont find Madge either. This place takes bodies like Satan takes souls.’


‘We believe this burial ground holds the dead bodies of those that Satan and his followers disposed of, and continues to take the innocent. Of course it’s only a myth. How true we are not sure, if it is true at all.’

‘Great let’s get the kids hyped again.’

‘It’s just a myth no one is quiet sure how accurate it is. Nothing to worry about.’ He paused. ‘Right lets head back to camp.’

They all walked away heading back to camp for their supper before lights out.

Joe looked at Caitlin. ‘What’s up Cat?’ He asked though he could sense that she had something on her mind.

‘Isn’t it weird how two archaeologists disappear in the same place, but on different days?’

‘You’re talking about the burial ground?’

‘Yeah. It seems strange that they’re there one minute and gone the next.’

‘Maybe the myth isn’t a myth but true.’


He leaned forward placing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily as they undressed making love.

He pulled away. ‘I love you Cat.’

‘I love you too.’

‘We’ll never be apart I promise.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her. He moved away lying besides her holding her close as their eyes closed.

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