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Chapter Thirty Six




Mark whispered into Callie’s ear to meet him on the corner of the dark woods,as they all walked away from the camp heading towards the dark woods.

Mark walked over to Joe. ‘All set?’


She turned, he winked at her, she smiled shyly back.

‘She wants you bad.’

‘I know. I’m just so irresistible.’ Mark joked.

Joe laughed evilly.

They all stopped at the clearing to begin the dig where many broken pieces of pottery and artefacts were being pulled up out of the dirt.

Lunch was upon them. Callie looked round before slipping away. Mark shortly followed leaving Joe with Caitlin for lunch so that they didn’t cause too much suspicion.

Callie stood at the corner of the Dark Woods. Mark approached her.

‘Why did you ask me to meet you here Mark?’

‘Private and quiet, don’t you think?’ He said ignoring her question.

‘Yeah, but why?’

‘Come on.’ Mark said taking her hand.

‘Where are we going?’

‘In there.’

‘I don’t know Mark.’

‘Don’t you like me?’

‘You know I do.’

‘Come on then.’

He pulled her into the Dark Woods before she threw any more objections at him. Pulling her in between two tall trees.

She looked around nervously at the tall standing trees looking as if each held a face one that was screaming out for help.

‘I don’t know about this Mark.’

‘You like me don’t you?’

‘You know I do.’

‘Well then let’s make something of it.’

Mark placed his lips on hers without warning kissing her, she returned his kiss, kissing her hungrily not knowing what lay install for her. They continued kissing hungrily as he tied the ropes round her wrists.

He moved away smiling evilly.

‘What’s wrong Mark? Why are you smiling like that?’

He didn’t reply just continued to smile syking her out.

‘Mark what’s going on?’

A crack came to the back of her head, she dropped silently to the ground beneath her.

Mark looked at Joe relieved. ‘I thought you were never going to get her.’

‘Sorry, had to make sure that no one was going to catch on.’

‘Come on help me lift her. She’s a dead weight.’ He joked.

‘She will be dead soon.’ Joe said coldly.

They grabbed her arms pulling her up. Joe and Mark tied her wrists to both tree trunks as then they tied her ankles to them too.

Her eyes slowly opened taking their time to focus on the two blurry figures that stood in front of her. ‘Joe what are you doing here?’

‘Watching you die babe.’

She looked at Mark. ‘What’s going on Mark?’

‘What Joe just said.’

‘But I thought you liked me?’

Mark walked over to her, placing his hand on her face. ‘Don’t take it personal Callie, but the devil wants your soul babe. And well what has to be done has to be done.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily before she had chance to call him a liar.

He moved away, dropping his hand off her face. ‘Nice knowing you babe.’

Mark stepped back.

The ropes tightened she began screaming. Her insides compressing together her flesh ripping apart.

‘Let’s split.’

Joe and Mark turned walking away. They re-joined the others at the clearing.

‘Where have you two been?’

‘For a slash.’

‘Did you hear it Joe?’

‘Hear what babe?’

‘Sounded like a high pitched scream.’


‘You must be deaf. It sounded like a siren going off.’

‘No sorry.’

‘Did you two happen to see Callie?’

‘No sir.’

‘Great another one down.’

‘We’ll have to look for her tomorrow Mr. Norman. It’s getting dark and we there’s no way we’ll be able to find her now.’

‘Okay.’ He paused. ‘Right class we’re heading back to camp now. We’ll search for Callie in the morning when there’s more light.’

They all turned walking away heading back to camp where they sat round the camp fire eating supper before lights out.

Joe zipped down crawling over to Caitlin. ‘How’s about we make a night of it?’

‘Callie’s missing and all you can think about is sex!’

‘I’m sorry. I can’t help being hyped when I’m with you. You send a rush through my veins.’

He leaned forward.

‘Don’t Joe.’

‘Come on Cat, you’re turning me on.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily lowering her to the ground sheet kissing her harder and harder as they became intimate with one another.

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